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Green tea and medicines for high blood pressure: it goes together?

Many know that a combination of certain drugs can - in addition to the positive influence of drugs - also cause other side effects and reactions. Similarly, but can act as a substance normally present in our diet. What effect does drinking green tea for drugs against hypertension? In it are centered doctors from Japan's Fukushima.

Level below normal

High pressure bothers a large part of our population. To reduce the patients prescribed different types of drugs. Among them, the so called beta-blockers, which reduce heart rate and are used in the treatment of hypertension and heart disease to another. Japanese doctors were interested in the relationship between these medicines and drinking green tea.
Compiled by a group of 10 patients for 14 days served above type of drug.
Half of it washed down with water, the other half drank green tea three times a day.
Results after 14 days showed that in the group of green tea is the level of drug in the blood of about 76% less than in patients who drank water.

Alcohol and other

Although this study only a small number of patients and limited observation period, shows that a specific effect of green tea on beta-blocker therapy exists. Physicians assume that lower levels of the drug are due to its difficult absorption in the intestines. Green tea but not the only one who has the influence to medication. Another typical example is alcohol, which is particularly inappropriate in combination with antibiotics. Surprisingly, but grapefruit and grapefruit juice reacts with medicines for high cholesterol with some antihypertensive agents.

The lower level does not necessarily mean less effect

How exactly is green tea, it is doubtful the need for further, larger studies to confirm the results of Japanese doctors. Medication against hypertension, there are many, and three cups of green tea daily in our conditions, only a few drinks. "Moreover, even if the amount of drug in the blood is lower, there was no evidence that this was directly due to its lower efficiency," reassures patients Dr. Fonarow, a professor of cardiology at the University of California and spokesperson for the American Heart Association.


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