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Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis. Herbs help with serious diseases

Every year the media confront us with overwhelming statistics, according to which we in the next few decades threatens epidemic of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, as well as multiple sclerosis. The common denominator of all these positive serious disease of the nervous system is the fact that it is possible to support their treatment herbs.

Alzheimer's disease is not only old people

Alzheimer's disease is among the ten most common fatal disease. This is not exclusively a disease of older people, while at least ten patients form the forties and fifties. The disease, which is manifested by memory loss, difficulties with speech orientation is unfortunately not yet fully healed. Drugs that are administered to patients, primarily oriented towards the strengthening of brain activity. They are used but also drugs that are designed to improve the quality of sleep, eliminate aggression, relieve depression and anxiety mute.

These properties can also be found in some herbs. So if we go for the right, it is possible to effectively treat Alzheimer's disease support. Anxiety and depression can be deployed such as St. John's wort tincture or extract of this herb mixed with a VRBKA leaved lime tree, which also acts against insomnia. To improve the blood supply to the brain, it is possible to reach the Siberian very beneficial effects in Alzheimer's disease are documented in Ginkgo biloba. Of helping to alleviate confusion, forgetfulness and anxiety.

The prevention of this disease is necessary to focus on cleansing tissues, blood flow to the brain and regeneration, nerve tissue and nerve fibers. For cleansing the body, which is also a step towards some rejuvenation are popular detergent just herbs such as couch grass, gooseberry or a mixture of Jewish nettles, clover, yarrow and dandelion. The cleansing of the blood vessels then helps geraniums, gotu kola and echinacea. To detoxify the body of uric acid help tincture of the buds of birch, ash and beech.

The Parkinson's try to extract from the fig tree

People with Parkinson's disease are not usually able to fully control his muscles. A typical symptom is tremor, but also uncoordinated movements, slurred speech or a reduced ability to mimic. Neither this disease can not currently be fully healed, but you can slow the process and increase plnohodnotnost life of the patient. To do this, use of drugs that enhance brain and neural pathways and increase their protection.

The herbs can in Parkinson's disease, for example, recommend bělotrn kulatohlavý that helps in case of disturbances of conduction of nerve fibers. Positively whole central nervous system is also active extracts of ginseng. The activity of the brain, strengthens bacopa or fig. Even if the disease is possible to reach for ginkgo. Effective in solving this problem is alder, which is an anti-inflammatory agent.
To resolve this problem also applies to cleanse the body of impurities and sediments both on all organs, but mainly on the vascular system and the nervous system. It is also important detoxification from various viral, bacterial and parasite burden.

Depression in multiple sclerosis banish St. John's

Even in the case of multiple sclerosis are not yet known products that this disease is fully cured. Unlike Parkinson's disease develops primarily in younger people. Its symptoms are varied, they include mravenčící limbs, vision problems with pronunciation. Often emerges fatigue and depression. Since these patients often learn that before the outbreak of multiple sclerosis suffering from disease. When the treatment is usually taking medications that promote the activity of the nervous system.

Also, multiple sclerosis can contact the help of herbs. The first treatment in such cases to be classified tincture of poplar and St. John's. To improve the health status can then use lime and bakopa. The calm is suitable field maple and improve movement problems and dokrvení end parts of the limbs Jinan. The use of herbal extracts in this disease helps improve sleep and digestion. He may also have a positive impact on urological and gynecological problems associated with multiple sclerosis.

For all of these diseases, however, is the most essential prevention. We should focus on the regeneration of the nervous system and thorough cleansing of the body and the parasite burden. Miss you would not get enough exercise and lifestyle modification.

Author: Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná, a leading Czech expert on medicinal herbs

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