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Playing by Balaban in Švanďáku

Playing by Balaban in Švanďáku Cover, Bondy and now Balaban. Trilogy games of prophets and poets in Svandovo theater ends with hope ..

Maybe leaving the staging named for the eponymous short story collections prematurely deceased writer John Balaban going Švandovo in the Studio Theatre: Prime Minister 29 will be of March.
Literary model, which was awarded the Magnesia Litera and in 2011 also won the People newspaper in the poll for the best book of the decade, in the form of a drama director Martin prepares Františák. This inspired collection of short stories also Balabanov We are here and his posthumously published novel Ask your father.

In a strong story about a father and son, about finding their ties and their position on the ground, we will see actor George Philip, Čapek - a real father and son together for the first time to perform on the same stage. Together with Klara Cibulkova and David Punčochář will Filip Čapek and George Čapka tell, among other things, that with ourselves we can compare only after we understand their parents. "Do trinity of prophets and poets, John Balaban advises his piercing gaze on time the crisis of human relationships and especially the showdown with the sins of the fathers, "she dramaturge Lucie Kolouchová. From skeptical visionaries Karel Kryl and Egon Bondy, who were devoted to two previous productions in underground studios, but Balabánův different view: "The Evangelical sees the world strictly, but his vision carries hope," says Kolouchová.

An important backdrop to the story are black and raw Ostrava. Hence as the author of the story, and actor Filip Čapek and his father George, who had been twenty years in the engagement. Director Martin Františák was in Ostrava several years as artistic director of the DPB, where Balabanov said i only play by Bezruc?!.

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