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Endangered species of birds in the Czech Switzerland

Black storks, peregrine falcons and owls big. These are endangered species of birds that have by now largely occupied by their nesting places in the Czech Switzerland. Administration of the National Park Czech Switzerland their chances of successful vyhnízdění annually supports limiting entry into the area nesting sites, which came into effect from 1 March and will end no later than 31 July.

Famous restrictions on entry to this year contains 16 sites, 6 sites are located in the first zone and 10 sites in the second zone of the national park. The measure has no impact on the movement of marked hiking trails that are visitors continue without restrictions available.

"At the time of nesting storks, hawks and owls very sensitive to disturbance, while just the mere presence of an ignorant man near nesting sites,"
says Pavel Benda, Director of the National Park Czech Switzerland, adding: "Usually these birds react to leaving the nest and there zastydnutí eggs or even worse death already hatched chicks. Therefore any interference do not take lightly. "

As is clear from the experience of past years, visitors have the national park entry restrictions for understanding and respect them. Access roads to the nesting sites are in the field provided information tables, location of nest sites, visitors will also find the internetovách site management of the park.

The effectiveness and meaningfulness of the measures adopted largely documented high numbers of successful offspring vyváděných in previous years. In the case of peregrine falcons were the 2011 and 2012 record straight, as in always brought out more than two dozen pups. Also, the number of pups vyvedených black storks were around fifteen individuals. Last year 2013 was not so successful, mainly due to adverse weather conditions, thanks to which they brought the Falcons 'only' 14 pups and nesting black storks were due to the rain, cold and lack of food failed completely. If not, however, last year's extreme weather conditions again, with rare species of birds in the Czech Switzerland again good chance of numerous offspring.

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