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Warm winter has contributed to a reduction in depression

Stress, fatigue, irritability, apathy. Speeches, which often brings with it not only the lower physical performance, but also emotional distress and depressive mood.

Although it may be the cause of these difficulties very serious, it may not be. The reason is simply because they often lack the Sun, which is especially pronounced in winter. Although this winter ranked among one of the warmest ever, direct sunlight, paradoxically, not much.

According to meteorologists, this winter has brought to the Czech extremely high temperatures. For example, the average temperature in Brno was set at 1.6 ° C. Although it is one of the highest readings during winter days, sunshine duration was only slightly above normal. This winter has brought a total of 9 sunny days. "In January, the sun shone on average 41 hours, representing 94% of normal. In February, 83 hours, ie 113% of normal, "said Dagmar Honsová, meteorologist from the company Meteopress.

With the sun leave the stress and joy of life comes

The length and intensity of solar radiation by experts strongly affects the human psyche. Besides the fact that the body naturally adds vitamin D, which also does not by research as well as synthetically manufactured vitamin D chemists, also affects serotonin and melatonin. Changes in the levels of these substances rozkolísává natural biorhythms and processes in the body, which affects a person's mood, concentration, learning or the quality of sleep. "Enough sunlight improves our concentration and increases creativity. It also reduces stress levels, thus we take life more easy. Less sways us trivia, easier to hold their goals are generally more durable and stable, "said Alexandra Hrouzková, a psychologist from the company Studio My Life." More often followed up by contacts with people we enjoy hobbies and finally willing to flirt and have a greater interest about sex, "added Hrouzková with the fact that these feelings are typical in the spring, after the winter when the days begin to lengthen and the sun will appear first.

The human body as a living photocell

Many researches have confirmed that sunlight actually acts as a catalyst for the absorption and utilization of nutrients in the human body. The human body can thus be conceived as a living photocell that receives energy from sunlight. Especially in the winter months and during the April weather, when sunshine is low, some people feel the lack of light. This results from mood changes, sleep disturbance over after headache, decreased immunity and the presence of other diseases. For some people, the lack of sun even result in depression. "These symptoms can be alleviated by, for example, that people regularly during the winter indulge visit to the solarium. This not only helps to reduce stress, but also reduce the problems with insomnia, "said Michal Kárych, chairman of the Czech Association of healthy sunbathing." Thanks to UV radiation increases the utilization of oxygen by tissues and leads to better use of energy, which in turn removes fatigue. Also increases production of the hormone melatonin, which helps regulate sleep, "said Kárych.

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