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Treatment at a distance: the future of medicine, or a bubble?

With the advancement of modern technology meeting organized by large companies across continents just using computers, cameras and internet. The development in the field of technology does not avoid medicine, to what extent, however, treatment can remotely apply today?

New behalf of telemedicine

Understand the concept of telemedicine to provide healthcare services at a distance. In principle, telemedicine can be divided into three areas: inform, remote monitoring, remote therapy.

For a primitive form of telemedicine can be considered already sending medical reports via mail, but only with the development of the Internet has experienced explosive development of information transmission. Sharing of patient information in hospital databases, rapid shifts radiographs, it all helps faster and easier communication between patient and doctor, but also between different specialists.

Useful remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is currently used primarily within the scope of general practitioners and cardiologists, particularly in monitoring ECG or blood pressure. Over the last few years, the measuring device so perfected that during the measurement automatically send data over the GSM network to a secure server where you are at any authorized person can view.

Of the three telemonitoring derive huge benefits:
The patient gets home package with a device that sends after the measurement of local mail back to a medical facility, it saves time and money for constant visits to the doctor.
Your doctor may individually set measurement parameters, especially the monitoring period, that nowadays is usually 2-3 weeks. This allows you to capture and episodic arrhythmia.
Remote monitoring can as a diagnostic tool to clarify and speed up the treatment of severe recurrent episodes.

In the near future we should wait and apparatus for measuring blood sugar or blood clotting parameters.

Personal contact can not be replaced

Undoubtedly the most controversial parts of telemedicine is remote therapy. The essence of this is that the doctor and patient are remote from one another, and all communication and treatment take place only by technical means. Certain application is mainly in very remote areas in solving trivial complications. However, it is important to realize that the essence of successful treatment is personal contact between physician and patient, a relationship filled with understanding and confidence. Although to modern medicine doctor seduces still goes especially for patients in the flesh, and not for patients from tables and statistics. The technique yet doctors can provide valuable information to replace the sight, but they can not provide tactile sensation and perception of the patient in a broader context.

Modern technology certainly help in the treatment of patients, we have not seen more as a guide than his physician compensation. Nowadays takes place in the field of medical technology stormy progress, we'll see then, what news will bring us hopeful tomorrows. However, the medicine is still an important factor in understanding the human personality of the patient can not (yet) replace any device.

Author: Jakub Holešovský expert uLékař
Source: U lékař

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