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A healthy heart needs from mala regularly eat breakfast

Metabolic syndrome is the presence of multiple risk factors for a disease or diseases, which often occur simultaneously. Poses a risk of serious complications, especially cardiovascular. Experts warn that this syndrome may be preceded by, inter alia, neglect breakfast in childhood.

The essential meal of the day

Have our grandmother claimed that a hearty breakfast is the foundation of the entire day. A recent Swedish study gives them the truth, at least on the first morning of the importance of the food concerned. Revealed the fact that adolescents who are not accustomed to high-quality breakfast, suffers thirty years later metabolic syndrome more frequently than morning eaters.

Regularity is paid

Scientists investigated the habits of students selected for the breakfast. About 27 years later, the same people underwent medical examination aimed at individual components of the metabolic syndrome. The results showed that respondents who neglected youth morning meal, we as adults about 68% higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

More causes more failures

Metabolic syndrome which is associated with a high risk of cardiovascular disease including the dreaded heart infarction , comprises the following disorders:
abdominal obesity ,
high blood pressure ,
imbalance of blood fats,
elevated blood glucose (blood sugar) or diabetes .

In addition to some genetic predisposition to the development of this syndrome also involved in unhealthy lifestyle. This includes, among other things, poor dietary habits, but also smoking, use of alcohol to an excessive degree, and lack of physical activity.

Identified confirms that even during childhood and adolescence can affect what health, our children will have in the future. And both favorably and unfavorably. Promote offspring in a regular breakfast would therefore, in the above study should be obvious.


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