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With spring comes the allergy. Are you ready?

Most of us are looking forward to nature bloom and the sun starts to play more. The ever increasing group of allergy sufferers is expected spring with some trepidation. It was in this period because along with vegetation and awaken their allergy symptoms.

The season begins in March

Although in January and February can meet with hazel and alder pollen, the main emergency Allergy occurs in March. With the advent of warm days blooms large number of trees, herbs and grasses, which can cause allergic problems. During the spring months, the air is saturated with really large amounts of pollen. What are these?
March - birch, oak, elm, hazel, alder, yew, poplar, willow.
April - pine, birch, beech, cypress, oak, hornbeam, ash, maple, elm, horse chestnut, hazel, alder, walnut, sycamore, yew, poplar, willow, drnavec, dandelion, rape.
May - pine, birch, beech, Cypresses species, elderberry, oak, hornbeam, ash, maple, elm, horse chestnut, linden, walnut, sycamore, willow, drnavec, plantain, kopřivovité herbs, dandelion, rape, sorrel, timothy, meadow- , foxtail, orchard grass, rye.

Blowing your nose and dark circles under the eyes

Pollen floating in contact with the organism receiving through the respiratory system or the conjunctival sac. Allergies are therefore most often manifested as: runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and nose, dark circles under the eyes, bronchial asthma.

If you experience these symptoms appear in the spring, it may be time to see an allergist. Different types of hypersensitivity because they can occur at any time throughout life, even if you previously were completely healthy.

How to fight allergies

Doctors have a total wide range of drugs which can alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of allergies. In addition, in this fight, you can help yourself. How?
Some herbs such as butterbur, have proven beneficial effects in relieving symptoms of seasonal allergies.
Watch pollen reports and try to stay in a closed room when the pollen concentration in the air is too high (the highest values ​​are usually in the morning).
During the spring months rather less ventilate, to prevent the entry of allergens into the apartment. Can i help air purifier.
After coming home, you can wash your head, so you get rid of pollen, which entered the hair during the day.
Pollen in the household also to get rid of frequent vacuuming carpets and washing floors.

For allergy sufferers could aptly apply weather lore "March, for stoves lying down" and "April, we're there yet." Fortunately, there are a wide range of treatments that can suppress the symptoms of allergies, so these people can enjoy spring to the fullest.

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