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It is the perfect time to spring tour car dealers reported availability

It is the perfect time to spring tour car dealers reported availability This year the beginning of March is the ideal time for the annual inspection of the vehicle. Due to the current weather is also highly unlikely that the communication snow returns, it is appropriate to combine the tour with the exchange of seasonal tires. Garages voice was spare capacity, enabling them to minimize waiting time.

Within the spring tour by car each year should be checked engine oil level, coolant and brake fluid and leaks. It examines whether it is a good hold on the exhaust and the condition of the axles. The tour also focuses on the functionality and reliability of the brakes. You better check during changing seasonal tires, which is good to see that the brake pads are worn.

"The tire change associated with the overall inspection of the car is just now the perfect time. The law mandates use winter tires on your car d the 31st March only in the event that the road is covered with snow, ice or frost or such conditions due to the weather expected, "explains
James Proud, Chairman e-shop." According to forecasts, but it seems that The temperature will be a long stick than 7 degrees Celsius. It is better to go to summer tires, which are of such weather drivability, "he says proudly.

Timely replacement of seasonal tires can also prevent premature and excessive wear on winter tires. According to reports from service stations is better to plan spring tour just for the current period and avoid waiting time at the beginning of April. "Right now the time is coming when the garage for us to invite mainly business customers who have multiple vehicles. We use our available capacity and offer them a complete service that they need their cars every year. It prevents formation of queues, which we would otherwise waiting after 31 March, "says Jakub proud.

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