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4 green tips where the winter for energy and sport

With rising temperatures and sunny days are all starting to slowly waking up from its winter sleep. The sun not only improves mood, but after a lazy winter also gives energy to life. I feel so full of strength and flavor we use them to maximum.

Most of us have the urge to go back to your regular exercise in the fresh air, but attracts us and travel. Therefore, we bring you a few tips on the ideal destination where they can go not only for entertainment but also for spring sports.

In Hungary for skates and Spa

For culture lovers, but also sports and after-deserved rest, is ideal for a spring trip around the Hungarian spa Mosonmagyaróvár. 'Car spa' drive from Prague in about 3.5 hours, the cheapest form of accommodation is self-contained apartments with kitchen and bathroom whose price ranges from 1,650 CZK per person for 3 nights, "informs Michal Tuma, marketing director of travel agency Invia, a leader of the Czech market for sale online tours.

The local medicinal spring in addition is among the 5 most effective curative waters of Europe.
Directly from the city center Mosonmagyaróvár can then go to a brand new and more than a skate-mile trail, whose surface is suitable for both beginners and advanced skaters. The trail leads to Hédervár Renaissance castle, which was rebuilt into a chateau hotel and it is possible to view by appointment. More experienced individuals may, after another 30 km long trail ride to Bratislava-Petrzalka. Culture can go to Budapest, where the journey by car takes about a half hour.

Overcoming the Italian Dolomites with nordic poles

This winter, while skiers were not good, the Italian peaks, however, can also go for other sports such as Nordic walking. You just have to drive to the city center Selva di Val Gardena near Bolzano, which is the threshold of about six and a half hour journey. The average temperature here in March while climbing to 15 ° C, in April to a pleasant 19 ° C. Sporting attraction dolomite is spring-called Nordic Active Park with three basic purely walkingovými tracks. The easiest is 3 km, medium load is a four-mile trail with an elevation of 100 m, hardest route is 8 km away and waiting for you to elevation 150 m Walking consciousness, such as a natural park Puez-Odle surrounded by beautiful scenery, with abundant flora and unique vantage pitched sights, such as Wolkenstein castle ruins, the chapel. New Year's Eve or trail Via Crucis.

Golf relax in the Spanish sun

Lovers of non-traditional sports will appreciate several golf outing with rest on the Spanish air. "Popular golf destinations as the Málaga coast, where the April temperature is around 22 degrees sympathetic," says Michal Tuma. "Price four-star hotels with breakfast for four days in spring Moon moves since 5000 CZK, hotels, moreover, usually located directly on the beach, surrounded by golf courses. Those interested can arrange to stay and a return ticket with the price of 4500 CZK directly to Málaga can reach from Prague, "says Tuma. Part of the hotel price is also input up to ten golf courses, including the reserve required time.
In addition, the area of ​​Málaga number one on the list of Spanish beaches and there such as the Museum of Pablo Picasso, the famous native son.

Pedaling a bike in the rhythm of French chansons

France evokes the culinary experience and a rich culture. But why do wine region not to grant your bicycle? Just ride along the Loire is effortless ride offers the largest concentration of castles in the world.

On bikes, you can admire up to 250 km, in the sports comfortable temperatures ten to twenty degrees. Starting out can have from the town of Orleans, where the trail leads towards Blois, Medieval French center. Multi-day guided tour through the Tours then ends in Saumur, famous for its sparkling wines. Cultural life complete tour of Paris by bus tours often realized on the way. Transport bus in this case is the preferred method of transport. Accommodation here ranges from a minimum of one thousand for a simple double room.

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