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Entwine / intertwine - new album Ivy Bittová

Entwine / intertwine - new album Ivy Bittová The cosmopolitan openness, responsiveness and ability to absorb stimuli and various influences - which features a unique artist and one of the most original personalities of Czech music scene Iva Bittová richly paid off while working on his latest album.

In recent days, released her solo album Entwine / intertwine. Iva Bittová is recorded only with his violin and voice in acoustically extraordinary and spiritually inspiring space pilgrimage church of St. John of Nepomuk, built ingenious architect Jan Blazej Santini in the first half of the 18th century.

After a while, when your creativity Iva Bittová focused on a variety of projects, which participated with other artists and musicians are now getting the Czech and Slovak listeners in the hands album, which reunited the author's genuine talent in its purest form. The main attribute of this album is inimitably delicate work with the subtle nuances of sounds and tones of the violin and the human voice, which respond well to the unique atmosphere of the place.

Five songs arose spontaneously interact with the magical space Santini building. Another seven are numerous concert stating mature composition, absorbing numerous artistic and human experience. Name the album, which dedicates Iva Bittová with great reverence and respect to Vaclav Havel gave final song Entwine. "Ken Hunt, an English journalist and author of the text appeared one day in Lelekovice at home with a desire to do the interview. His enthusiasm in Czech music soon erupted into linguistic obsession. During his travels across the Czech language breakthrough plays and weaves Czech and English lyrics with great passion and humor, "says Iva Bittová.

Entwine Album / intertwine Ivy Bittová contains twelve songs and copyrights on shelves emerged in recent days.
She Iva Bittová indicates his last album for a reflection or a mirror of your life and to each of the included tracks it binds a personal story or memory.

In an extraordinary space Santini church on Green Mountain with Iva Bittová no coincidence, and not for the first time. Recorded here in 1997, along with Dorothea Keller 44 duets for two violins Béla Bartók. I showed it to sensitive work with sound and compelling environment helped výtečnému result. Great live performance of the work started in the same year, the first festival of world music with us, United Colours Of Akropolis.

Discography Ivy Bittová includes thirty titles. Excellent international acclaim last year's self-titled solo album at the prestigious label ECM producer Manfred Eicher and the enthusiastic response to her chamber concerts lately to suggest that is fresh Zelenohorský achievement Ivy Bittová Entwine will be happy to get involved. And again succumb to thousands of listeners at home and beyond ...

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