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Electronic Beats Festival with stars Bonobo, Moderat and Diamond Version

Electronic Beats Festival with stars Bonobo, Moderat and Diamond Version Tomorrow at 20 pm in the Archa Theatre will open the gate imaginary Electronic Beats Festival with stars Moderat, Bonobo and Diamond Version. Tickets for the festival, which last year introduced the first Czech audience Lana Del Rey, were sold out again this year in record time - within three hours. Electronic Beats Festival this year takes place even in other cities such as Bratislava, Cologne and Warsaw.

British musician, producer and DJ Bonobo take place within the Electronic Beats more than an hour performances with live musicians, which ends just before midnight. Bonobo, who is known for musical visionary, to his unique style says: "I listen to new trends, but they do not want to be too influenced. It's always good to know what is happening, but do not get hit too much. It is important to follow your heart and not only meet the expectations of others. "Before it exits the Berlin experimenters with raw sound Diamond Version, the show will begin in the Ark at half past nine. The third concert of the festival will be Friday's expected performance Moderat, a duo Modeselektor and Sascha Ring aka Apparat. Ten to twelve of their cooperation under the Moderat states: "Our cooperation was established as a fun, nothing we did not expect from it. Gradually we found out that we inspire each other and readily cooperates with us, our ideas just work well together and between us incredible energy. "Their performances will end just before two o'clock in the morning. Individual musical divides between the band play Czech DJ Felix!

Electronic Beats Festival in the Czech Republic takes place every year since 2006, when it started a series of musical performances at the Exhibition Palace concert of The Prodigy, followed by performances of bands such as Underworld and The Orb. Later this international musical program presented in a club environment Lucerna Music Bar in 2011, was first held at the Archa Theatre. In addition to concerts by leading contemporary bands and music projects with project organizers held across Europe since 2000 focusing on the perfect visual projections accompanying the performances of individual artists. This year's program once again offer the ultimate contemporary electronic music scene.

Electronic Beats music is diverse, international program involving a variety of media platforms and is focused on organizing music festivals and club events across major European cities.

The portfolio is also prized printed music magazine Electronic Beats and Slices DVD magazine, based both on a quarterly basis through selected distribution channels.


20:00 start, DJ Felix!
21:30 Diamond Version
22:15 DJ Felix!
22:45 Bonobo
0:00 DJ Felix!
0:30 Moderat
1:45 End

Interview with Simon Green aka Bonobo

Not so long ago, you played in Prague recently. Will your performance on Electronic Beats others? Yet it is still a tour for your latest album "North Borders".
Of course, it will be different. Often play in the same place more than once and it's cool. Our show is constantly changing, we include in her new things, so it is never the same. The only thing that remains unchanged is the band. In the Czech Republic last year we played in clubs and festivals, so we have proven, both variants, there's a different mood and it is fun.

How much space for self-expression have musicians in your band? You're very strict boss, or prefer musical freedom?
I am very strictly set, how to play the song, but it's always interesting when typed the musicians that have left them in their own handwriting. So even if the boundaries are fixed, I would like musicians to do songs projected their sound, for example, give them space for solos. If I was to much of a pedant, musicians would not stand out, and I want to hear.

When you compose music, do you think that will one day play live?

Not at all. When working in the studio, I do not how the song will be presented live. This solves only when it is finished. Some tracks even then I can not play live because they are very electronic and very difficult to produce. What and how I'll instrumental form comes up short in the second phase, the sooner you distract.

What does it mean to you playing with the band and what DJing?

DJing is more fun, it's more of a dance floor and walks me more people who understand what I do and follow my superoxide. As a DJ I play house, everything I like, and people understand me. It's more me. The concert is more like a preppie, the icing on the cake. They will come to him and the audience, who know one or two songs, or anyone heard that "it's good".

What type of DJ are you?

I was a DJ from the very beginning, at eighteen I played a four-hour vinyl sets. So it is in my DJ perspective rooted. Some people do not understand what they think and live band performances are the pinnacle and DJing is just such a compromise. I'm doing DJing really long, sixteen years old, and I love it. For me it is all about sharing the latest music. I do not need people around still pose a lifelong archive, I want to play what is fresh. I'm interested in music I've never heard of.

I see you as a musical visionary who pushes the music somewhere. You've got a recipe?
I listen to new trends, but they do not want to be too influenced. It's always good to know what is happening, but do not get hit too much. When you start making music for the scene, you become progressively someone other than himself. It is important to follow your heart and not just the expectations of others. A lot of people think that I should do chill out, downtempo music ... I tell them, let them release my old board. I want to move musically, the world did also not the same as before.

Where did you moved since your last album?

I did a couple of remixes, like for Maya Jane Coles, it came out a few weeks ago. So this is now my direction. But how will read my next record, I have not decided yet. At the moment I compose music on the go on a laptop, which is quite different from working in the studio. Anyway, it's a lot of house music, dark and deepové, quite melodic and somewhat abstract.

The Electronic Beats'll play along with Moderat and Diamond Version. Do you like their music?

Oh yeah! I love Moderat are amazing, I love their boards and I'm also a big fan of Apparat. Diamond Version stylish little else, but I respect them and I'm curious. Anyway, the show Moderat I've heard good things so specifically'm looking forward to it.

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