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Non-alcoholic liver disease successfully treated by Chinese herbs

Researchers from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine organized a clinical study that confirmed the significant efficacy of Chinese herbs in the treatment of alcoholic liver cirrhosis. This is good news for all patients with this type of disease, since no effective cure yet exists.

What is alcoholic liver disease

This group of diseases includes all grades of liver disease ranging from simple steatosis (fat droplet deposition) through steatohepatitis (inflammation) to fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver (ligament reconstruction). The incidence of these diseases throughout the world is increasing. The most likely cause is the increasing pollution of air, water and food industrial production. A study from Italy shows that one in ten adult citizens without excesses in alcohol intake have higher levels of liver enzymes, and by other research even one of the five seemingly healthy people suffering from hepatic steatosis.

Six months of research

For the actual study were selected 224 patients with liver disease from six different hospitals. Research during which received either a placebo or a special bag herbs "Jiang Zhi Granules", conducted 24 weeks. Subsequently, using the CT scan performed the bulk analysis of the liver and spleen. The examination was done after 4, 12 and 24 weeks of research. Patients treated with special herbal formula was nearly three times greater increase in the ratio of the size of the liver-spleen (the higher this ratio is, the livers are in a better condition) than in the placebo group.

Jiang Zhi Granule

This special blend of herbs based on traditional Chinese medicine and is composed of the following plants:
leaves gynostemy five-petalled (Jiaogulan, Gynostemma pentaphyllum)
red sage root (Danshen, Salvia miltiorrhiza)
root knotgrass (Huzhang, polygon cuspidatum)
Wormwood Broom (Yinchen, Artemisia scoparia)
lotus leaves (Folium nelumbinis).

There is no adequate remedy

Now that is not for the treatment of non-alcoholic liver disease is no specific medicine to traditional Chinese medicine becomes very important alternative. Not only is there medication that would adequately treat these diseases, but most of them even leading to liver damage. There are many kinds of medical herbs that soothes the course of alcoholic liver disease, so in this respect is always present in a large amount of research.

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