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How to prepare your skin for spring

The fact that during the winter skin suffers most, no doubt. And although it may seem that the spring season is a relief for the skin, the opposite is sometimes true. Turn winter and spring for her next big shock in the form of significant temperature changes and increased sunshine. All winter had to withstand drought, freezing weather, and now even the transition from cold to warm season.

It is not surprising that a number of us are just at the beginning of spring appear or exacerbate skin problems. He suffers especially those who struggle with sensitive or damaged skin. But did you know that the path to healthy skin is just a skin barrier that is part of it?

High quality and fully functional skin barrier is a condition that should be our natural skin. Perfect barrier precludes penetration of pollutants and vice versa maintains skin hydration. Simply put - skin barrier should be some sort of comprehensive protective layer, which is responsible for the health and vitality of our skin. A phenomenon associated with many skin conditions (eg, eczema, as well as dry, irritated or sensitive skin) is just disruption of the barrier.

Why suffer in early spring

Spring is probably the most beautiful season of the year, but often not for our skin. Most usually suffer in the early spring, when our skin is still loaded after winter. During winter it is caused by cold and dry weather in our skin consists of at least ceramides, which are involved in the hydration and elasticity of the skin.

At the beginning of spring for our skin is a problem and changing temperatures. Mornings are usually cold to freezing during the day or staying in heated sun warmed the room and the evening temperatures drop again. The skin and the change in the weather and other external influences responds. To know that we absolutely simple: our skin is drier than in other seasons, more PNE is often cracked or more scales. And that's only a small step to make due to less trhlinkám or blow to our skin penetration of pollutants and harmful microorganisms that cause a variety of skin problems.
Since the unpleasant itching redness of the skin through to even the microbial eczema.

The most common skin problems

Among the most common skin problems that mostly complain about at this time, include dry and uncomfortable tension, increased sensitivity, irritation, itching, cracking, such as the lips, inadequate reactions to cosmetics or the worsening of eczema or psoriasis.
All more or less is dealing with an impaired barrier function of the skin (skin barrier), so it must be restored as quickly as possible. With the restoration of the skin is said to be "closed", which prevents the penetration of harmful substances into the skin, but on the contrary, water leaks and natural skin hydration. It also will reduce the irritation of the skin and will restore its flexibility.

First Aid Skin

To restore the natural skin barrier is obviously needed our care. It helps especially the so-called barrier cream, which is the first aid for sensitive skin and loads (eg 2DERM).
It is not advisable to try a variety of skin creams and balms, but equal to focus on specific barrier products - for example, they can advise us and pharmacies.
"Such a composition provides the skin because the replacement barrier system which is capable, after a certain period to temporarily replace the natural barrier function of the skin and create the conditions for the regeneration and protection," explains Dr.. Josef of Cotoneaster For Life.

When selecting a suitable cream is also always necessary to monitor its composition. Sensitive skin requires really only dermatologically tested products without any side effects. It is advisable to also question the uniqueness of the product, but also the effectiveness and patient experience.
With the coming of spring is the perfect protection and healthy skin condition necessary in terms of a higher amount of sunshine. Proper care of the skin we can get rid of inadequate responses to the sun and other annoying irritation. With the regeneration of the skin, improving its condition and quality barrier is then necessary to shun the sun and the outdoors.

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