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Prague zoo began the season full of news

Prague zoo began the season full of news Visitors will also see velemlokária the world's largest living amphibians, the new male elephant and Giant Anteater, but also a game area for children.

On Saturday 29 March was held in the Prague zoo opening ceremony 83 season. The director Miroslav Bobek approached on that occasion planned changes in the area, especially the location of a future concept gorilla pavilion. This should in future be in the neighborhood of the giraffe enclosure. At the same time it arises in those places another entrance to the zoo. "Choosing a place for the future pavilion we had a very well considered. To this end, we commissioned three urban studies. Now our architectural competition. We will of course endeavor to ensure that the pavilion could happen as soon as possible, "said zoo director.

The biggest event coming weeks then becomes the opening velemlokária. "New pavilion showcasing Salamander in unexpected perspectives and in an environment that will exactly match the Chinese mountains, where they occur. At the same time the pavilion marks the literary work that inspired - Čapek's War with the Newts, "said Bobek.

Other news director mentioned the exposure Czech zoo reptiles to Zakázance, create a replica bomb shelter in the rock under Zakázankou or construction of a new game area for children in an old slonince - Reservation Bororo.

The ceremony was attended by Ivan Trojan and other actors Dejvické theaters and major zoologist Doc. Daniela Frynta, who christened the new publication of the Prague zoo.

Visitors to the zoo with staff bid farewell to the Lineárkou - a number of aviaries leading from the main entrance to the aviary large predators. "In its place this year will begin construction of the Pavilion of exotic birds," said Miroslav Bobek.

This year, awaiting the coming of attractive zoo animals. Besides the already mentioned Chinese Giant Salamander is planning to import male elephant, anteater obtaining large or create a new wolf pack.

Visitors were able to throughout the day take the guardians of the forest. Prague zoo in the presentation of their activities on the preservation of endangered species introduced a new project for elementary school named becomes the guardian of the forest. Its aim is to introduce children to the issue of threat of lowland gorillas and incorporate them into their protection in Africa.

"Protecting gorillas year will be one of our priorities in situ projects. We will continue, of course, continue to return Przewalski horses to Mongolia in the promotion and protection of gharials in India or reintroduction of birds in the European Alps, "said Miroslav Bobek celebrations.

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Photo: Tomáš Adamec

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