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Happy (ski) End the Pitztal Glacier

The most beautiful ski time of year when spring awakes in April, attracts highest glacier in Tyrol for spring skiing. Stable snow cover, while pleasant temperatures - in short, perfect conditions for firn descents.

The Winter's Tale: Every year in April awakens spring, forcing Ms. Winter has to leave. In this battle of the seasons, however, will not be any losers, but a mixture of extra class for all skiers, hikers and lovers of the sun: a stable snowpack, still fixed slopes, while pleasant temperatures - in short, ideal conditions for a relaxed carving turns or firn runs only in a sweater.

What want more? Couches, for example. This will find all lovers of sun and laid skiers on glacial terrace. From there they can from the comfort of waving to passers-by and tourists ride, pouštějícím of the highest mountains of Tyrol, 3774 m high Wildspitze, the spectacular spring tours with popular firnovými downhill to the valley.

Until the beginning of May, when they bloom in the valley of the first crocuses sněhomilové can use a lot of "white" menus for both young and older or for the whole family.

Pitztal with its 7,400 residents, and four municipalities Arzl, Jerzens, ST. Leonhard and Wenns located in Tyrol, at an altitude of 880 to 1,640 meters. Wildspitze (3,774 m) at the end of the valley is the highest mountain in Tyrol, right before it spreads Pitztal Glacier. Especially practical is a network of buses - in the valley for free.

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