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ADRA supporting children in Ukraine, preparing them for camp

Have the eighth year, will take place in Mukachevo, Ukraine sixty camp for local children who mainly come from poor and broken families. ADRA are trying to convey experiences that belong to the carefree childhood. Especially now, when Ukraine finds itself in a difficult time, we feel that sense of security is very important for children.

The camp is traditionally fenced and guarded campus in Mukachevo Transcarpathian Ukraine. Children are the poorest social families of the city. "Also will be attended by Czech students - volunteers - children will pay throughout the day. Potential candidates with us may still report, "says Karel Folwarczny of the Volunteer Centre ADRA in Havirov.

Complex fates, the difficult conditions

Children over the year do not have much opportunities to enjoy because there is no other activity. "Therefore, the camp enjoys all year. They are grateful that someone cares about them. Among the volunteers and children formed an inseparable friendship, "says Karel Folwarczny noting that potential candidates must be prepared on a makeshift facilities." Students work in difficult conditions, for example, all sleeping in one room, all they have only one shower and from ten evening until morning normally no water at all in the rooms where the children sleep, are leaky windows, so there's a breeze and when it rains, the water in the room, "says Karel Folwarczny.
The camp will take place only if it will not increase the security risk in the country.

I can help you:

Those interested in volunteer work can contact Karla Folwarczného phone: 734 390 926 or write him e-mail address: k.fol @

The questionnaire must be completed by all those interested in volunteering, you will find here .

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