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Easter differently? Try exploding cars in Italy or spectacular alpine fires in Austria.

Approaching Easter is a spring holiday, festivity and feasting. For most people, however, are also an ideal time to rest and travel, as they act at least a long weekend.

Whom therefore already tired of the annual dyeing eggs or knitting whip, you can go for the Easter adventure across the border. In addition to traditional tourism is here that you can experience different Easter traditions, which include, for example, masks carnival processions, flower cars explosion or ignition alpine fires.

For meat lovers only Polish feast

Polish Easter looks at first glance like the Czech. Who but a diet swimsuit should be prepared for the fact that the Polish Easter table clearly reigns meat diet. Tables are usually bent under homemade sausage, ham and other kinds of sausages. An integral part of the Polish Easter dining is also horseradish. "The Czechs, who at Easter decide to go to Poland, they should also prepare for the crowds of Polish inhabitants with a basket full of food. Usually rushing on Holy Saturday in the church to sanctify the meal left, "says Polish Easter celebrations Luke Przybylski of specialized residency Discount portal. Rarity is also Poznań construction giant mock the gates of Jerusalem, which several thousand participants staging spectacular coming of Jesus Christ in the Holy City.

Austrian Easter markets and an end to winter

The Czechs, who like the marketplace and craft traditions should during the Easter holidays, head to Vienna. There are in fact held traditional Easter markets in our region are unparalleled. They are full of stalls with culinary delicacies and also offers the opportunity to experience traditional production of eggs. And as in Austria wearing an Easter egg hunt hare, which became a symbol of the holiday, visitors can also make marzipan bunnies. Another difference from the Czech customs as a game with the eggs. Its aim is as much to break shell eggs opponents. In the Alps, then zažehávají giant Easter fires, which are designed to burn ending winter.

Costume parade and a car explosion in the Italian streets

Very impressive experience Easter festivity Italians. The day before Ash Wednesday in the Italian streets culminates in a great Carnival, the typical wearing bizarre masks and Easter eating pancakes. The traditional festive dishes are also pretzels, symbolizing arms folded in prayer, or lamb. The biggest attraction is the so-called death of the Carnival, so its completion. Czechs who take part in this year in Venice, so you can enjoy the habit, for example, where the body of King Carnival straw filled with explosive firecrackers at midnight burned. If you head to Florence, they can see a spectacular explosion of floral carnival wagon at noon. The explosion has to be the greatest symbolizes a happy and eventful year.

French cakes and pranks with fish

French patisserie and chocolate to give each year depend on production of special Easter sweets. You then look for the little French at home or in gardens. 'One of the traditional French symbol of Easter is the Easter fish, which is something like an April Fool's joke, to which most children enjoyed. The principle of this custom is stealthily mounted fish on the back of everyone with whom it just a little respect. If the Czechs moving to France just in time for the celebration of Easter, we would certainly expect this tradition, "says Luke Przybylski. Starting with Good Friday then the country Gallic rooster inarticulate bells, etc., as is the case in the Czech Republic. It can be said that they fly to Rome for a blessing. They come back with a sigh of relief and intoxicating back up to Easter Sunday. Differences from our landscapes is then the action of burning puppets His Majesty, which takes place in the center of large cities in the ugly middle.

The ancient tradition of the festival in Hungary Hollokő

A similar tradition, which people know the Czech Republic, can also be found in Hungary. Women and girls because in the past during the Easter holidays doused with cold water or even thrown straight into the cold streams. It was said that after this act will be more fruitful. Tradition has, however, now in Hungary innovative and knowledge milder version. If these regions are Czechs celebrate Easter this year, they should be prepared for a cheap compact spray perfume, for which it must take an egg. On the UNESCO list is then written about authentic Easter festival in Hollokő representing ancient traditions and local craftsmanship. Here, then, is definitely worth a taste special Hungarian Easter ham.

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