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Soirée Veronica Kubařová with Jiri Suchy, Jitka Molavcova and other guests

On Saturday, April 12 from 21 hours with actress Veronika Kubařová present in the exceptional role of a singer. In the Rococo Theatre holds its Soirée full of musical tunes and lightweight chat not only about the theater. On stage and invited special guests and colleagues Jiri Suchy, Jitka Molavcova and more. There will also be an autograph session.

"I like songs with action and emotion, so I chose musicals. And I have the great pleasure of the guests. That will come, promised Jitka Molavcová and George Hook. It is my great honor that you take time. Then there will be singing my professor Towen Pavel Vesely, sing a song and Verunka Gajerová - my great love. Evening with me will Zbyšek Kalina - my other great love of theater. A still sing one trio with my friend and classmate huge conservatory Šárkou Vaculíková and Silva Škábova, "invites viewers on a unique party Veronika Kubařová.

Before Soirée you can see it from 17 hours in the role of a brilliant mathematical proof in the game and thus spend the Rococo Theatre pleasant evening.

"The term Soirée I originally introduced chicken on a looper way. I expressed my concern that if other viewers do not have the same and was told that intelligent viewers know it. Hence, they are not intelligent spectator, "he says with a smile likable actress Municipal Theatre of Prague.

Evenings called Soirée meet with great success. It is a sort evenings for fun and pleasure both as actors and spectators, in which artists Municipal Theatres represent a somewhat non-traditional roles. There is not prominent in theatrical productions and do not represent only their dramatic talent, but they represent as singers, musicians, dancers, and reciters in composed and often improvised shows.

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