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The injured eye rather go to the doctor

The eye is admirable, important, but unfortunately also quite easily vulnerable sensory organ. A sudden injury just yet often tiny particles floating in the wind. First aid after an eye injury will help shed light on the following lines.

Intervention chemicals

When an eye injury chemicals causes burns of the conjunctiva and cornea can be damaged but also lids and tear ducts. The accident occurs most frequently in the workplace or in the home, not excluding even intentional self-harm prisoners or the mentally ill. The main "culprits" of this type of injury include: lime, mortar, ammonia, acids and alkalis.

When chemical burns to the eye following rules apply first aid
Eye rub, rub.
As quickly as it plenty of water - use a resource that is closest to, whether it is a fountain or a garden hose.
Try to flush the eye from the inner corner to the outer so that the chemicals damage the eye of another.
Seek immediate medical help.

Foreign body

Small body in eye had perhaps been any of us. Usually it is nothing serious and course in a while myself swept away. We can help him, repeatedly blinked, flushing the eye with clean water.

In case the body of the eye surface and stuck to it can not be removed easily with a damp tissue corner of the net, it is necessary to visit a specialist. Indeed, if left in place, would cause significant health complications.

Scratches on the cornea

Careless handling (such as paper) can be easily scratched cornea. It is an unpleasant condition accompanied by a heavy watering. However, the corneal epithelium regenerates rapidly, and within a few days after the pain.
Healing accelerate closure of the eye with a sterile bandage.
In some cases it is necessary to use the drops containing antibiotics.

Penetrating injuries

If the penetration of foreign matter inside the eyeball, refer to the following:
Never attempt to remove the body alone.
Eye cover with a sterile dressing.
As quickly transport the injured to medical treatment.

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