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Allergies to peanuts: shaping up to be promising treatment

Experts have begun to test a new experimental therapy in children allergic to peanuts. Patients were fed a meal, to which was added a small amount of peanut flour. This procedure allowed for a certain period of more than 80% of these children eat a handful of nuts without any consequences.

Imminent danger

Worldwide allergy to peanuts is increasing. You already affects about 1 child out of 50, it is usually a population of developed countries. But unlike other food allergies of the children "grow up" rarely. The consequences of hypersensitivity to peanuts while they can be life-threatening - as even the most common cause of severe allergic reaction that can be fatal. The only possible way to prevent this negative reaction is strict avoidance of peanut and hazelnut foods that might contain. Classical immunotherapy used by allergens from the environment (eg pollen), there is simply too risky.

Peanut flour

Experts began his therapy by 99 children with severe allergies filed a very small dose (2 mg) special peanut flour, incorporation into conventional diet. Slowly increased the amount to 800 mg. During this phase, the children were obviously carefully monitored for potential adverse effects. These are the most common: itching, stomach pain, nausea.
After six months of treatment, more than 80% of children are able to safely eat five peanuts at a time.

The goal is not consumed in large

The effect of this treatment, however, is the fact that hypersensitive children could start eating peanuts in unlimited quantities. It is rather the prevention of serious sometimes fatal allergic reactions after ingestion of trace amounts that children can accidentally ingest along with other food. Therapy involves the gradual creation of a kind of immune tolerance against hazelnut. As already mentioned, during the study was carried out careful monitoring of small respondents, so definitely not a procedure that would allow parents to test yourself at home.

Everything is still in its infancy

Although the results are quite promising, the treatment is still a few years away from the normal clinical use. It is also not yet clear whether induced tolerance to peanut be fixed. The authors plan to carry out more research and sequentially assign treatment to special clinics for the treatment of allergies.

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