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Eye disclose our health status

No wonder they say, "the eye is the window to the soul and body." Eyes not only reveal our thoughts, feelings and intentions, but can be read in them and our state of the body. Only an expert with experience knows exactly what to look for and what to aim at so-called irisdiagnostice.

During the detailed analysis made ​​from a photo of an eye can detect inflammation in the body, organ imbalances, problems with the blood vessels, kidneys and digestion.

Eye as a map of the entire body

Irisdiagnostika, analysis of the iris of the eye, dolls and whites has advantages not only in the detection of physical problems, but often their causes. In addition, the method is completely painless and non-invasive.

"It is necessary to work with high-quality high-resolution camera and a computer with a large monitor that could iridologist together with the client to monitor the state authorities. The magnified screen can be seen pigmented stains, cracks, iris color - everything has a meaning, "describes the basics irisdiagnostiky Marie Almásyová.

The reason why we see recognizable changes in the eye, the eye nerve connections with the institutions. "Eye is a sensory organ that has nerve endings connected to all parts of the body, which is the reason why this method is very accurate and serves as a map of the entire body. Among other things, we can determine the genetic type of person and on this basis, draw up a suitable diet. It can thus easily avert impending imbalance in natural and natural way, "says Marie Almásyová away.

Quality analysis of the written report

Part of the analysis to help clients must be making a detailed written report on the basis of this evaluation. The most difficult in the whole process of diagnosis is to just create a report that takes a minimum of two hours of dedicated work by repeatedly increasing and approaching the image. Just so many times to get the real quality and professional diagnostician. It is not divulge information only verbally and not investigating the naked eye or a magnifying glass, which is also to investigate completely inappropriate and unhygienic.

The advantage of a written report is not only the fact that a diagnostician for his work stands, but also the possibility of the client at any time to the information contained in the report back.
Clients because they tend to remember only the minimum amount of the information provided. The report is thus assured that they miss nothing and all ambiguities can consult at any time.
Of course examinations should be comprehensive care, including nutrition counseling, how to work with any problems.

Iris Iris = - diagnosis of iris, sclera and dolls
Scientifically based method known for thousands of years
Even taught in medical schools in the USA, Canada or Germany

Source: tz, author Lenka Netušilová

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