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The Bank assesses the credit history is still strictly

The Bank assesses the credit history is still strictly Banks for loan applicants verify their current and past credit situation in the credit registry. There are several registers a person can get to them easily. The unexpected dent in one of the registers can then undo obtaining a mortgage and prepare you for example already paid the real estate office.

In the Czech Republic there are several credit registers, which contain information on various topics. They contain information on borrowers, but people have no obligations, the amount of the loan, the amount of repayments as well as delayed or unpaid installments.

Banks are assessing the negative entries in the registry still tight
In practice, does not apply sometimes mentioned the fact that banks are more tolerant over time in judging entries in the registry. "Banks are still strictly control registers. Can not see any concessions from their standards. However, there are banks that define what registry entries will tolerate some may have a completely individual approach to each client, "says Jan Kruntorád, chairman of Gepard Finance.

How to avoid disapproval mortgage

If the client intends to use a mortgage to buy property, often faces the problem of how to obtain assurance that the money has been spent, were paid nothing. It may happen that a client bank mortgage because of negative entries in the registry eventually approve. This can be a problem, for example, in a situation where the deposit has been made real estate office. Subsequent failure to approve mortgages implies that the client paid the money came from.
"If a client is not sure about your credit history, they would be primarily interested in whether his bank approves an application for a mortgage. Only then can take further steps, "says
Jan Kruntorád, adding that the image of your payment discipline in the banking registry, everyone can find the application and fee payment.

Mortgage contrary, you can be sure

Mortgage contrary, it is an elegant solution in two situations. First, in practice, the client needs to quickly respond to an offer in the market. If a property of interest is forced to quickly deposit to be selected property reserved. Another situation is just eliminate the risk of negative entries in the registry. Mortgages contrary is tantamount to a pre-approved loan guaranteed for a specified period of time. "Bank will assess the client's creditworthiness and contract guarantees him the maximum approved credit line. At the same time, of course, examine the credit history, "says Jan Kruntorád." When everything is in order, the bank subsequently undertakes to provide clients with a mortgage in following up to nine months. The client has the assurance that the mortgage actually obtained, once they find a suitable property, "says Jan Kruntorád.

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