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Treatment of tick-borne encephalitis: the struggle with the symptoms of the disease

Although modern medicine makes tremendous strides every year, so far not found a cure that would destroy the viruses causing tick-borne encephalitis. Treatment of this disease therefore remains the so-called symptomatic. As such therapies involve?

Virus klíšťovky we can not destroy

In case that the bacteria invade the body, doctors have a variety of different types of effective antibiotics. In the case of viral disease, the situation is different. Although there are so-called antivirals are used rather rarely and often carry a potential for serious side effects. Safe antiviral promptly cured by tick-borne encephalitis, unfortunately, does not exist.

Relief from problems

Treatment of tick-borne encephalitis is currently limited to the relief of the symptoms that accompany the disease (hence the name symptomatic treatment). The patient can therefore be administered:
antipyretics - lowering drugs increased body temperature;
Analgesics - Painkillers;
antiemetics - medications vomiting;
B vitamins thriving nervous tissue.

Hospital bed

In case of illness, tick-borne encephalitis is usually evade sick in the hospital, most commonly the infectious department. In addition to medical supervision are also available drugs infused directly into the bloodstream, so that relief came as soon as possible. Likewise, there is, if necessary, can be made taking cerebrospinal fluid examination and fundus, which is used to detect dangerously increased pressure within the skull. For complete recovery is also important absolute bed rest, which can be in a home environment is difficult to ensure.

Because encephalitis is a disease that can leave permanent damage arises the importance of preventive measures. In addition to the use of repellents can be recommended vaccinations, whose efficiency is very high.

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