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Document concert Olga & The Plastic People of the Universe

Document concert Olga & The Plastic People of the Universe After the documentary film Olga sold out several screenings at the largest human rights festival One World has arrived to regions within the echoes of the festival, May 15 enters into mainstream cinema under the auspices of the distribution company Aerofilms.

Two days before, on May 13, will be held from 19 pm gala premiere of the film at the birthplace of Olga Havel - in Zizkov in cinema Aero. Entire evening including interviews with the creators and concert band The Plastic People of the Universe will be able to experience live and viewers in other theaters thanks to a specially prepared to direct transmission. Brno own experiences premiered two days later - on May 15 in the university theater Scala.

Not very strictly organized celebration of nearly 81st birthday

A new feature-length documentary film about the first lady Olga Havel, subtitled "Report Object Tracking, who refused to testify and did what he wanted" was filmed by the same team that gave rise in 2007 to the successful documentary Citizen Havel. The feature-length documentary about Vaclav Havel in the present day in theaters attracted a record number of more than 160,000 spectators.
Story and screenplay Olga emerged from the pen of Anna Freiman and Miroslav Janek, who simultaneously took over the direction and cinematography. The film was produced by Jarmila Polakova from Film & Sociology in co-production with Czech Television. Of the film is also supported by the Václav Havel Library, the Committee of Good Will - The Olga Havel, the State oldies and portal hithit nearly a hundred contributors, which producer Jarmila Polakova especially thanks.

"11 July 2013 by Olga Havlová turned 80 years old. In January 2014 it was 18 years old when she died. We who knew her, but we refuse to take note of. Olga is still with us, full force, ideas, humor, refinement, determination and empathy, convivial and strict, "explains the motivation for making the film theme writer and former Secretary of Václav Havel and Václav Havel Library editor, Anna Freimanová.

Film does not have to be a list of biographical data nor exhaustive account of the life of Olga Havel Foundation. Director Janek leaves rather freely speak yet published archival footage and photographs and personal accounts of friends. "Certainly I did not want to compose another biographical vignette in which the memories of friends interspersed with photographic and film archives, called underscored by Shiva touching music, possibly with factual commentary. I also wanted to build a memorial adoring. Narrative structure should recede usual biopic formula and vice versa may be more or less close emotional surprising variety of very strictly organized birthday parties, "says the film's director Miroslav Janek and adds:" Our goal is possible to create the illusion that the actual birthday girl is present, that the her during the party accidentally meet that hear snippets of her monologues, and that after returning from the festivities we have something to remember and something to think about. "

The film brings a wealth of previously unknown footage, photos and stories. Olga is presented here as sharp glosátorka, principled dissident generous host in Prague flat on Hrádečku, as a woman factual, hating any pomp, whereas loving gentle humor and always saying what he thinks. Her friends confirmed that even in the role of first lady her life changed approach and stood firmly on the ground.

The official trailer for the film Olga
The first trailer from the film Olga


The closest and most reliable partner of Vaclav Havel, a friend that will not spoil any fun, while it devises generous host, a passionate player and houbařka, nature lovers, glosátorka sharp, brave and tireless dissident woman factual, always down to earth and always have your. A new feature documentary film directed by Miroslav Janek (Citizen Havel, stubborn) is not only descriptive biography, but personal portrait of an exceptional personality - the former first lady Olga Havel. The specific woman, known to the public as the wife of Václav Havel Foundation and founder of the Goodwill is presented here from their civilian sites. Janek does not focus so much on official biographical data, but lets talk yet published archival footage and photographs and personal accounts of friends.
The documentary, Czech Republic 2014
Story: Anna Freimanová
Written, directed by Miroslav Janek

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