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Some e-shops do not return postage - thus circumventing the law

The new Civil Code imposes e-shops to return postage in case the customer in the first 14 days withdraws from the contract. Some e-shop obligation to interpret the peculiar and money to leave.

Consumer organizations dTest verified business conditions Czech e-shops and in two cases found that operators of online shops circumvent the law.

When you purchase goods at your favorite e-shop, then you will find that you are not satisfied, you can return within 14 days of a request back everything you paid, including postage. "New legislation says that the cost of delivery must be customer returned only to the amount of the cheapest means of transport, the operator e-shop offers. Most often it will be ordinary postage payment in advance, "says Miloš gin, legal adviser dtest. For example, expenditures for expensive courier shipping us seller therefore not return the full amount. Returns only cost us ordinary postage.

The new legislation brings a distinctive interpretations. Code talks about the cost of delivery - and some e-shops for cheapest way to consider picking up the branch. Such an interpretation is circumventing the law. "Means Add to transport and deliver not take this lying down and wait, just open the dictionary," says Miloš gin and adds: "The customer is always right to return the cheapest postage paid by the seller. Principle of shopping on the internet is transporting goods, customers in North Moravia would probably not appreciate that you can pick up a free catalog at headquarters in Prague. "Such circumvention of the law appeared dTest in business conditions known online store and e-shop

Another trick to not return all customer money may be various service charges that shop charged for the goods in original condition. However, the customer is responsible for the reduction in value only if it is within the 14 day period used otherwise than is necessary for his trial. Charge a flat service fee is therefore illegal and the customer does not.

dTest during a survey of business conditions e-shops has also seen positive steps beyond the legal obligations: "We were pleasantly surprised several online stores that period of withdrawal extended to 30 days," says Miloš gin.


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