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Festival Finale Plzen present in the work of erotic CT

Film Festival Finale Plzen, which will start on Sunday, April 27 in the West metropolis, has prepared a rich program within a special section called Movies with an asterisk or erotica in the formation of Czech Television.

"Three blocks of projections present interesting and obscure archival images, which combines nudity," says David Brabec, program coordinator of the festival. This will, for example, on the now "famous" fourth part of the series Star Tomorrow I'm shooting in As, archival document Search woman or SERS la fam, as the proverb says about the relationship between celebrities to striptease or special cut of titillating scenes of Czech film called From Erotikon after Pelíšky or How to stamp out station Kostomlaty famous throughout the world. Section was created in cooperation with Czech Television.

In the first block, viewers can look forward to a slide Klara and two masters with Miroslav coerced or Susan Stivínová (1994, directed by Ivan Rajmont) and the already mentioned splicing Erotic examples of Czech films.

The second block will be screened portion Tomorrow I'm shooting in As the series fourth star on a porn shoot in hotel Merkur (2014, dir Croat Miroslav, Jan Prušinovský), followed by the movie version of The Curious years two remarkable works of Bohuslav Martinů, one-act operas and mechanical ballet (2008 , directed by Jiří Nekvasil, choreography: Michal Caban) TV processing of erotic short stories letters in lace from the life of the rotten French nobility (2003, directed by Jaroslav Pozzi) and one part animated series sucks - Kittens from the Dalai Lama probably not normal (2006, dir Josef Viewegh, Jakub Horák, Petr Horak), whose teenage heroes after Sexology lecture decide to make an interesting experiment.

The third block indicate two places - soft erotic comedy lecher (2003, dir Zeno got) and Kamila Špráchalovou, Oldrich Navratil and Lukas Vaculik of tentative farmer who went to Prague to buy a collar and return home with a bad reputation, and finally archive Document Search woman or SERS la fam, as the proverb says (1969, dir Václav Sklenar), which show the relationship between celebrities and ordinary people strippers to a new phenomenon - the striptease. Performers such as Miroslav slug, Miroslav Ondříček and Miloš Kopecký.

Finale Plzen, which runs until May 3, as well as offering world "neformanovské" films cinematographer Miroslav Ondříčka, almost the entire Czech feature films and documentary work over the past year with the participation of artists, the most interesting of the Czech and Slovak television programs in the new competition section previews and images eighth and final rider from Czech Television production, tributes jubilantům Juraj Herz and Vera Plívová-Simkova, fresh Slovenian films, a preview image Hany shot in Pilsen one shot all 35 episodes Therapy 2, foreign films, on which last year contributed Czech authors long night of short films, lectures rapper Vladimira 518 of the book Tribes and Tribes 0 or readings and a talk show ... Overall, held nearly 170 screenings and special events.

This year a new festival caters well mimoplzeňským audience - tickets can already be purchased not only in traditional areas in Pilsen, but also on-line on .

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