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Pregnancy does not endanger pets, but caution is

Pets are welcome diversification of our homes. After detection of pregnancy, however, arises in many "Ladies" series of questions: to what extent is the animal risk to the unborn baby? Is not it better to give it away? And if you will, what action and when to do so?

Do not worry, it is not necessary to make any hasty and drastic measures with pets now say goodbye. Pregnant woman living in his household but must be careful about their health, especially compliance with good hygiene habits.

Beware of dog love

If the four-legged pet you spend the most time, leave as soon as possible to take part of your duties to another member of the family. After the arrival of the baby you is to prosecute only the most important, so it should be a boy wont to other people. The sooner this happens the better. What is more important?
Be always careful to not jump on your dog, especially when you are resting.
Check the dog's vaccination calendar.
Not forgetting the steps that will be useful even after the arrival of the baby - right now as the time to remove any puppy bad habits, such as biting, urinating around the house, etc.

Cat's disease

These animals are often carriers of toxoplasmosis. Disease in adults is usually asymptomatic, but the unborn child poses a significant risk. There is a malformation of the fetus to miscarriage. A pregnant woman should therefore know the following:

Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite transmitted by cats, especially their faeces. Therefore, if you are pregnant, Pick Up the litter box and be very careful when working with the soil. Never be sure to gardening, wash your hands with soap.

The disease can also be obtained after ingestion of undercooked meat processed. It is mainly pork, lamb and deer. Therefore, meat is thoroughly cooked edit, even if it or its remnants are feeding a cat.

Also do not forget to respect strict hygiene in the kitchen.

From rodents prefer to keep

Hamsters, guinea pigs and mice can be carriers of the virus that causes a disease called lymphoid choriomeningitis. Causing serious damage to the fetus abortion. The infection is spread by contact with saliva, blood and faeces of rodents, but also handling the material to build nests or droplet, ie inhalation. Therefore, it is best to have these animals in that part of the home, where a pregnant woman comes. Cleaning the cage should be done in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors.

Risk exotica

Let us not forget the turtles, snakes, lizards and similar animals. I would have them a pregnant woman should avoid. There may transmit a number of diseases, the most common of which is well known salmonellosis.

The importance of hygiene in the household with a pet is more than obvious. However, pregnancy care is just beginning, keep up the vigilance even after the arrival of the baby home.

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