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Get rid of scars without laser, just follow a few guidelines

With the upcoming warm weather awaits us short period clothing. However, it often brings the question of how to get rid of ugly scars after surgery, injury, burns or caesarean section. The care which we devote such scars immediately after the sealing of wounds, of course, is most important.

If you want to save significant costs for subsequent aesthetic, we should in the first weeks after the formation of scar follow a few guidelines. Good advice but we are also for those who care about the scar once underestimated and now can not get rid of ugly old scars.

Sun scar nevybělí

The main rules of care for scars include limit sun exposure. The first few weeks we should avoid sun exposure, including visits to solariums. Tanning fresh scars do not indicate the contrary may cause more settling of the pigment. "If we can not avoid UV radiation, it is good to treat skin cream with a high protection factor. Similarly, we should pay attention to extreme temperatures, such as in a sauna or during the winter in the mountains, "explains Pavel Sedlacek Future of Pharma company that specializes in the healing of scars." Newly generated tissue is very sensitive to these conditions and the wound can heal worse . This again may appear ugly tint, "says Sedlacek.

Deliver tissue moisture

It is essential for proper healing scar tissue is scheduled promašťování. It is necessary that the skin was soft, supple and hydrated. For this example, we can use a special silicone gels that dry quickly, so you do not have to worry about smeared clothing. Additionally, creating a barrier that prevents scar possible infections, but is permeable to oxygen essential for tissue repair. Often can cope with itching that accompanies the healing of scars. These gels can also good water binding in the skin, resulting in faster regeneration of the affected tissue.

With the sport carefully

To prevent scars or stretch its re-opening, we should also avoid greater physical burden that would lead to a tightening of the skin. This may be the first few weeks or sport or exercise. Problems can also result in too tight clothing that rubs the scar tissue. The zarudne and then hardens. Long soaking the wound site in water is not recommended, because during the first week skip pools and baths in the tub. A very significant contrast proper hygiene when scar gently washing away the clean water and, if necessary, disinfected.

Help for old scars

If you have any previous council had underestimated and now you suffer from ugly and old scar, we have a solution for you. One of them is of course the possibility to use the art of aesthetic medicine and undergo laser treatment for example. However, it also offers an option without surgical intervention. "In our market, there are low molecular weight silicone oils which can flatten, smooth and soften the scars of all types, including those that are already older," approximates Pavel Sedlacek. "These drugs also reduce the color of the scar and help reduce the redness of her surroundings, "says Sedlacek.

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