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BVV "Our Way" offers not only lessons of life with disabilities

In a large interactive adventure world for both large and small, from 1 May to 30 June transform pavilion H fairgrounds BVV Brno. The aim of the exhibition entitled Our paths that take place within the project is to break down barriers that between the majority society and people with visual, hearing or physical disabilities a state of ignorance, ignorance and misunderstanding.

"'Our Way' is a classic show where not to touch anything. We will not be on her mentor, impresses even frightening. But we deliberately children and adults directly involved in the specific situation of a person's life with disabilities, "explains the concept of the exhibition project manager Slávka Hock." 'Our Way' is a way of understanding based on personal experience and rational information, "he says.

On an area of ​​1,200 square meters, visitors will be able to experience such as handling orthopedic truck in the station environment and common street orientation on the square without the supervision of sight or feelings of a man in the hotel who can not hear sounds around you. In a specially adapted flat to everyday activities can try a variety of tools, instruments and procedures can be implemented as a person with reduced mobility or without the use of any of the senses, which we used to rely. I get the opportunity to have fun at special sports and games to people with various disabilities enrich life. At weekends, visitors may enjoy a varied program of events including sports, art or theater workshops and interesting meetings.

All this in cooperation with the staff of the exhibition, composed largely of the most qualified people - people who themselves have disabilities live, learn and work. It was from these children and adults get answers to your questions and information to enable them to understand the life of disabled people and to get rid of shyness, insecurity and prejudice in communication.

"The aim of the exhibition is to show that with a little effort, understanding and practical assistance may be people with disabilities a normal part of our lives. Even from them we can learn ledasčemu, "adds Slávka Hock Foundation of Sirius.

For the general public, the exhibition will be open from Monday to Friday at 15 to 17 hours and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 to 17 hours. On weekdays, 9-15 hours at a time, the exhibition is intended for registered schools and children's organizations. Admission is free. More information on

Exhibition Our journey continues on last year's interactive exhibition My journey on which Prague was attended by over 7300 enthusiastic visitors, of which 3,319 children from 149 classes.

Project since 2011, seeks to change public attitudes towards people with disabilities. Name based on the theme of the first wave of media campaign - it all people in the world can fly. The metaphor draws attention to the fact that although we can not fly, we live a full life and our "disability nelétáním," as well as any other difference, is no reason for us to be underestimated, marginalized and pitied.
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The project implementer is Sirius Foundation. The aim of the Foundation is to help children who are not lucky in life. The Foundation seeks a systematic and effective solutions to the problems of children with an emphasis on prevention. Maximum use of Czech and international experience and examples of good practice, working with leading experts. During his tenure from 2008 to support the amount of more than 130 million CZK series of projects aimed at vulnerable families and children.
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