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The organizers of the demonstration events - take the goods back, return money

Do you think that you know how to exercise their right to withdraw from the contract concluded away from business premises? That although despite all warnings visiting presentations, often succumb and buy overpriced products, you will be able to advise? But - what if not for whom the right of withdrawal does?

Organizers of the demonstration events inventing ever new tactics as their target group - seniors - complicate the situation. Even after stricter controls to ascertain whether non-users towards customers unfair and aggressive commercial practices, these companies continue in their work and their customers are waiting for an unpleasant surprise.

"We meet with cases of seniors damaged the demonstrations. Consumers now most complain that the companies refuse to take notice of withdrawal and return of the goods and communicate, "said Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest.

Service for alternative dispute resolution VašeStíž receives every week several complaints about the company organizing demonstrations. The problem is, in most cases communication.

People currently the most attention to two companies: Satisfied household, Ltd. and Fontisol perfect style, sro

The address Fontisol perfect style, sro dissatisfied customers vain sent letters and goods purchased. Happy household, sro while then takes the returned goods (ie packages), letters of withdrawal from the contract but has not. Furthermore, communicating, and ultimately the consumer has neither money nor goods. Representatives of those companies answering the call, do not respond to e-mails or do not respond to the written invitation to perform.

"Under the new Civil Code, the withdrawal shall be considered delivered the third working day after dispatch," says Luke Green and adds: "If the entrepreneur does not respond, consumers have no choice but to his right to a refund claim in court. Although the court would most likely agreed with the consumer, it does not guarantee that your money is ever wait. "

In the contract of sale outside the usual business law allows the contract within 14 days without giving a reason to withdraw and any penalties. O right of withdrawal entrepreneur must learn the consumer in writing. If they do not apply to the purchase agreement entered into after January 1, 2014 deadline extended, and one year and 14 days. If within this period the entrepreneur finds his misconduct and consumer additionally instruct lessons run from the time the normal 14-day period. The law no longer requires that the withdrawal was made ​​in writing, but it should be noted that the withdrawal made ​​by phone will be very difficult to prove. On the basis of resignation delivered entrepreneur is obliged within 14 days to return all funds received from consumers. The consumer is in the same timeframe required to return the purchased goods with any accessories and gifts.

Problems with individual consumers can confer legal advisors dtest Hotline on 299 149 009, which is available every weekday from 9-17 hours. Many seniors are no longer able to extricate need of long-term unwanted repayment of loans taken out for demonstrations.

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