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Czech Krumlov Rally this year to spice up the combat vehicles to CNG and electricity

This year one of the most famous Czech motor racing, Rallye Czech Krumlov, will be interesting change. As a part of New Energies with Rallye compete with cars on compressed natural gas and electricity between the registered crews also appears CNG Fiat team, supported by energy company E.ON Both firms from participating in the race will lead to further popularization of CNG vehicles.

At the start Rallye Czech Krumlov in the days 2 to 3 May 2014 alongside classic cars also stand for about 40 crews of alternative fuel vehicles. It will be interesting especially the famous battle of two technologies - electric cars and compressed natural gas CNG.
Almost two-thirds of entries so far start with a car driven by CNG. A similar dominance of the CNG also on Czech roads where in normal operation you will meet more than 7,000 of these cars.

Between CNG The crew will also team with the car company Fiat FIAT 500L Living. Fiat offers the broadest portfolio CNG cars in the category of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. "Czech Republic is the fastest growing market for CNG vehicles to drive in Central Europe. Our participation in the Rallye Krumlov want to show that we produce cars that will attract not only utilitarian features and design, but with joy dare even to sporting and dynamic driving, "explains Jan Jakabík, Fiat Group Fleet Manager for Central and Eastern Europe, which part in the race himself in the role of a passenger.

Fiat will appear in the colors of E.ON, which is in the Czech Republic leading supplier of energy supporting this technology. E.ON today in the construction of several new fueling sites and offers its customers attractive discounts on the purchase of fuel or a new CNG vehicle. Great potential CNG technology demonstrated by its efficient operation, which is about 30-50% cheaper than petrol or diesel.

The aim of the crew is not victory, but further popularizing technology for all visitors to the race and competing crews. For the same reason, to rally together with Fiat involved E.ON 'We believe that CNG has of alternative drive systems best suited. See it today on Czech roads where the numbers of cars on CNG significantly higher than any other alternative technologies, "adds Jiří Lachout, an expert on CNG of E.ON Energie, as

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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