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CD celebrates 35 years. Unnecessarily to landfill as waste

The compact disk or CD this year celebrates 35 years since its inception. At present, however, its use is rapidly declining, which is reflected in the music industry, but also in the field of information technology.

The CD becomes a useless waste that often ends up in landfills or incinerators. This can have a negative impact not only on the environment but also the overall health of a person. Inappropriate handling of the CD because they can leak toxic chemicals into the ground and the air.

Compact disk developed in 1979 by Sony and Philips. With the falling prices of discs and replaced the CD records and a new way of storing and playing music. In addition, the CD began to use in the computer world as a common data medium with initially 656 megabytes Due to the falling price of DVD recorders and began to be relevant and CD format gradually discharged. DVD disk became his direct successor, which people compared to conventional CD provided roughly six times the data storage capacity.

Due to the digitization of music and the use of flash drives are currently in CD and DVD used less and less. The long-term trend decline in sales of physical media such as is apparent in the music industry. On the basis of royalties can be derived quantity records sold. "Collect royalties accurately replicates the sale of carriers from which they are subsequently collected rewards for authors," said Catherine Brussels, PR manager of the civic association for the Protection of copyright law to musical works. "In the last years have seen a sharp decline in receipts of royalties from the sale of physical media. In 2009, OSA has chosen over 53 million for copyright rewards. Two years later, about 10 million less in 2013 and the royalties even dropped to 27 million, "she added sprouts.

The decline in sales of CDs shops also registered with computers and electronics. Sales statistics confirm the long-term decline in demand for boxed version with the installation media. "Currently growing interest in the purchase of electronic products. This is evident from the sales of electronic licenses, which compared to last year rose by more than 200%, "said Sarka Jakoubková of In the future, can also be expected that the sales of physical media time expires. "Box products or physical media disappear. Licensing software, music, movies or books will be sold only in electronic form, "added Jakoubková.

Since the CD and DVD are progressively replaced by modern technology, it becomes unnecessary waste thereof. According to experts, the annual benefit several hundred tons of old discs that end up in landfills or incinerators. Compact discs are made ​​of polycarbonate containing microfilm from aluminum, gold and titanium. "Storing CD media threatens to dump the contents of microfilm contaminated soil. When combustion occurs in addition to the loss of valuable usable materials with great difficulty gaining energy. It is therefore not appropriate to throw your CD into the trash, "said Petr Kubernát, representative of REMA system, which is part of the project Green company engaged in electrical and electronic equipment take-back and also CD, toners and lamps. Discarded CD and DVD is therefore the most appropriate together with the electro-deposited in the special collection boxes located for example in schools, communities and businesses. "Just in companies with unnecessary CD liquidate most. Therefore they are deployed into containers, which you can used electrical and other components surrender, knowing that they will subsequently material recovery, "he added Kubernát.

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