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Little Dragon

Little Dragon In the train compartment we were five, and at the next stop us looking youthful lady approached the boy, who as it turned out - was not the son, but grandson. An orderly fashion, we both embarked on places that despite the dirty windows allow a nice view of the passing, almost spring landscape.

Boy while watching the rest of the world. Ten but was bored, and so began his eyes roam the compartment until it took on a wall spray-crafted artwork that we adults we did not even notice. On the Formica surface with excellent red diamond with a comma between. The execution was far from perfect, but painting served its purpose, because everyone safely know what it is. When the little boy ..

"Grandma, what are those painted?" For him to an unknown species "smailika" it apparently took.
"Where do you think Kubik?"
"Why, in front of us on the wall."
He showed the boy shameless draft drawing. On her forehead popped worried wrinkle. I noticed him and the rest with ill-concealed glee waiting as the good woman will tackle tricky situations. She fought bravely.
"It's ... it's ..." she struggled, the more Vnoučkova satisfy curiosity, to enlighten her holy spirit. "It's a dragon!" Twittered with cute smile and us, škodolibce, gave a triumphant look. It seemed that embarrassment is warded off, the atmosphere in the compartment again released and everyone returned to their ideas. But not a boy.
"What kind of dragon, Grandma? You mean like the one on the kite? "Grandma, faced another curious question, sadly sighed and eyed us send SOS signal. Nobody But she did not throw a lifeline.
"Oh yes, Kubik, what did he do such a dad in the fall, remember?"
Improvised bravely.

The boy thought for a moment. So dragon, hmmm .. "Hey Grandma and does not need the dragon dick?" The two passengers in an already twitched the corners of his mouth and mistress began to redden.
"This dragon Probably not," she said grandmother.
"It's weird, every correct dragon would dick deserved,"
muttered grandson.
"So this one does not!" She retorted grandmother. Apparently her patience and imagination. Young but did not instinctively tightening the screws.
"Babi and you have a dragon?" Babi sweat poured half a coupe went into the hall where salvos came the laughter still detained.
"I do not let dragons," said the good woman ruefully.
"Because I do not need dragon!" Triumphed boy and the other staff erupted in laughter.

Grandmother and grandson approached myocardial away innocently developed his theory of the devil: "But if you're not used to have a dragon, you're like a dick, right?" That laughter coupe and watered the whole corridor before him. The poor woman but it was too banged and soot.
"You act like savages!" Screamed at us., What are you laughing at? As I look around this guy before? "
Discreet student in glasses sitting opposite, for the first time looked up from his books, and in the silence to everyone's horror, she said: "As a dragon?"

Woman jaw snapped shut and stared at the girl stared aghast. Then he realized the importance of communication and the awkwardness of his output, and began to laugh. Gradually join her and the other passengers is a little boy who, although he did not know what was laughing, but he laughed about it sincerely.
"You're right, I behaved like a dragon," climbed from the woman herself, what she
diaphragm allowed. Train halt at the final station, and people began to stand out.
Said goodbye with words, so keep lady and the dragon, too ....

Author: unknown

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