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Avoid high pressure, walk!

Hypertension today are suffering every third adult patients Bohemia and still growing. They are a failure represents a huge risk for development of heart attack or stroke. Here are some tips on high blood pressure and diseases related to it effectively prevented.

Work with your doctor first

Do not forget to preventive examinations by a medical practitioner. It will assess whether you developed hypertension, the need to take medications and recommend further measures to help keep blood pressure under control. All their plans for increased physical activity or dietary changes to always consult an expert, especially if you already suffer from hypertension.

2nd Get physical

Treat yourself to a daily half hour of physical activity that you enjoy. It does not go on for many, yet intimidating workout in the gym. Heart health and consequently blood pressure also benefit:
walking up the stairs,
A brisk walk instead of use of means of transport,

3rd Exercise with caution

Physical activity is the health of the heart and blood vessels useful only if it is carried out with consideration. Overload to not exercise to exhaustion. Much more important is the regularity of a gradual increase in physical activity so that her body has adjusted and did not respond paradoxically dangerous increase in blood pressure.

4th Get rid of extra pounds

In addition to regular exercise is beneficial for blood pressure and reduce weight if you are overweight or even obese. This is done by editing the appropriate dietary habits, including restrictions on alcohol and salt.

5th Stop the tobacco

Smoking cessation is not easy. Today, this "demon" fortunately do not have to fight alone. There are specialist doctors who deal with this issue.

6th Turn stress

Avoid all "infarktovým" situations simply can not. It is possible to learn to manage them better. Adopt some relaxation techniques, take a rest, and if necessary, visit a psychologist.


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