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Ticks do not want to garden!

Many visitors have come to the forest to protect yourself from ticks special spray, especially in late summer when embarking on mushrooms. But after this year's mild winter, there is a risk even in urban areas, gardens. They can make sure of breeders of dogs or cats. Defense is also possible here.

It is possible to provide domestic pets collar antiparasitic, or is treated with special pipettes with a means to protect against attacks by ticks as well as fleas. It is applied between the shoulder blades where rubbed and protects animals by the manufacturer for a minimum of six weeks. But there is also a composition which is applied to the garden.

It is not wrong to treat the alien cats that resurfaces the garden. The fact that the fur of animals ticks appear more this year than in previous years, is also a risk to humans, but that parasites "chaired" but that is occurring in the environment. True, treatment costs something, but considering that ticks can transmit such as encephalitis or Lyme borreliosis, it certainly is worth it.

For humans it is possible to recommend vaccination against encephalitis, but this disease is not yet possible. In animals, it is indeed possible vaccination against Lyme disease, but it is good to defend against parasites at all.

As regards the risk of encephalitis, it must be possible when removing "zakouslého" tick realize that Encephalitis virus is in the saliva of the tick, and therefore it is appropriate, after removal of the rank surface-disinfected. A bacterium Borrelia in ticks is again in the intestines, so it is not suffocate when extracting oil or butter to the contents of the digestive tract into the wound reversed. Tick ​​vyviklat and therefore it is best to use special tweezers.

If the place of "bite" ticks get any redness, swelling or increased pain occur, it is necessary to seek medical help. And this applies to both humans and animals.

Source: SVS tz
Author: Josef Duben, printing. spokesman SVS

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