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Stromovka running again light up the night for the Firefly

Stromovka running again light up the night for the Firefly If you missed last year left the second annual charity night run, this year you should definitely come. The unique atmosphere of the night Stromovky that flies swarm of thousands of symbolic "Fireflies" - people with headlamps, you can use only once a year. Just today, Tuesday, April 29, 2014, therefore we will meet again at the start of this unique event to the 3rd year running for the Night Firefly.

After the success of the second annual charity run for the Firefly, which was attended by nearly two thousand people and was able to choose an astounding 750,000 crowns, there is already the third year. The event, called Night Run for the Firefly mediates except good deeds and financial proceeds also a unique experience. The magical run atmosphere, in which inevitably wander Evening Prague Stromovkou thousands headlamps and symbolizes the motto of the event. Namely, even in the dark run count.

Traditionally, the choice of two variants of the route - 3 or 5 kilometers. Everyone is welcome, even those who will want to track a walk and not just a fan running.

Charitable entry fee is 450 CZK and all proceeds is intended Czech Radio Endowment Fund to Firefly to help the blind and people with severe visual impairment. For the first 1,000 registered participants are ready original t-shirt and headlamp free registration booths will be open from 18.30 pm "New visitors will have the action for comfort Pay by credit card," says Přemysl Filip, director of Czech Radio Foundation, adding: "Do future, we will focus on the larger interconnection with advanced technologies that make life easier sighted and the blind. "

A perception of this year's course of those 2 years ago came to Firefly with this amazing idea? "Run for the Firefly for us is still a huge challenge. We enjoy surpassing the achievements. Therefore, we hope that this year's 3rd year brought Světluška more funds to help the blind. We believe that we overcome one million and welcome to the start of at least 3,000 fans for having run in the dark also makes sense, "says Jakub Heres Podhola and David Martin Skala.

What can you at this year's running forward? Ever since 18.45 hours will enliven the adjacent stage, which will feature a number of talented musical artists including Blind, famous actors and athletes. We welcome groups and Eddie Stoilow Republic of Two, actor David Novotny, Paul New, VOŘÍŠKOVÁ Teresa, Martin Krause, actor and comedian Luke Pavlásek, kayakers Lawrence Hradilek, ski runner-Eve VRABCOVÁ Nyvltova moderators Lucy Excellent and Vladimir Kroc and more. Many of them start to run, which is scheduled for 21 hours, and stand as an accompaniment blind athletes. The role of the starter, which run counts, will feature Olympic gold winner in snowboardcross Eva Samková.

"It's great when something is being done on full blast and this action is to feel. Took place Stromovkou night I had last year, the atmosphere was not a mistake. Looking forward to this year, although because of the ankle will not run. Well as looking at the huge swarm is running headlamps swell. This action makes sense and I will support it, "says Eva Samková.

You can expect with changing tent, luggage your personal items and snacks. Meeting of race participants and registration will take place at the entrance to the park Stromovka, next to the main gate of the Exhibition.


6:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Registration of participants
18:45 start of the accompanying program
21:00 start running
23:00 end of the event


Firefly would like to thank the general partner run, ISOSTAR who participated in it last year. Also contributed a donation this year and also promised to support the next two years. Other means then ISOSTAR dedicated Světluška from the sale of special editions of sports bottles Night theme running for fireflies.

"The partnership in running for Firefly for us is the culmination of a long-term strategy that respects our slogan that Isostar for small and large victories, which means that not only support the professional athletes, but also those people for which, due to their handicap is the very participation in the sports competitions, great personal victory. We are pleased that we could contribute Světluška a good thing and that we can all runners offer quality food throughout the evening, "said Peter Stork, executive director ESATRADE that the brand represents.

Thank you, of course, all the other partners and volunteers who participated in the run and without whose help we could not implement it at all.
Special thanks go to Mr. Zdeněk Vice behind the special words that he wrote the night run rate, and Mr. Peter Kipling for timeless melody that for radiospot to run sung Matěj Ruppert.

About Světluška

Firefly, traditional collection project Czech Radio Foundation, shines on this journey blind children and adults from all over the Czech Republic for eleven years. It helps them to a special device that "speaks" or have a tactile display, the guide dog assistants, personal assistants for children to be able to attend mainstream schools with healthy friends and seniors so they can spend the autumn of life at home rather than in an institution. Firefly simply helps people who can not see or see very poorly on their way to independence.

During the eleven years participated in the project for more than 66,000 volunteers to help the needy were distributed over 90 million.

Projects like night run for fireflies Cafe in the Dark or Light Benefit Concert for the Firefly offers sighted opportunity to inspire the world of darkness and blind assistance, through which they can live a meaningful life and to feel useful.

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