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Trend of water sports in Styria

Who is looking for variety of water sports, find it in Styria. Hidden abyss, whitewater and turquoise lakes offer in the green heart of Austria the best conditions for an unforgettable experience in the water.

Canyoning, rafting, kayak or stand up paddling: Over the last two decades, water sports in Styria profiled in holiday trend for the whole family. In addition to the high gorges and wild rivers, visitors will find the green heart of Austria as well as calm, crystal clear lakes and romantic places to hidden waterfalls surrounded by beautiful Alpine scenery.

From Salza to Mur

Absolute dream sporty tourists is a national park Gesäuse. Wild rivers Enns and especially Salza is one of the most beautiful natural experiences, what you can take away from the white water. Overlooking the Alps wild currents crossing a well-known and deeply cut areas Gesäuse, offering perfect conditions for canyoning, rafting and kayaking - for beginners and professionals.

Perhaps at no other river can force water currents and waves felt so intensely, like being on the Salza. Unusual experience is a two day trekking through the wild water in which participants camped in nature and every day driven on a raft or canoe 20 km downstream.

Rafting combined with culture offers trail Mur-Tour in southern Styria. The ride starts at the ferry over the Mur and there is a beautiful riverine scenery around the ship mill until Gosdorf to visit the tower and views over the highest projections of the floodplain forest.

The first European-rafting camp

Ignaz Lackmaier founded in 1979 in Palfau first rafting camp in Europe. 35 years, this family enterprise based in Moarhof in hornoštýrském Salzatal routes along rivers Enns and Salza. Initially ridiculed the idea of ​​rafting to the present day developed into a absolutely trendy sport.

Family routes in the Schladming-Dachstein

On the border with Salzburg from Mandling to Schladming, lead light rafting tours on the river Enns, especially suitable for trips for families with children. In addition, the region offers canyoning, horseback hydrospeed and rafts.

Stand up paddling in the Lake Aussee

A meditative calm and light itching in the abdomen appear to be an impossible combination. Not so in the Lake Aussee. Stand up paddling, in short "SUP", offers all vodomilům Grundlsee or Altausseer See contrasting with the program really quick supply of adrenaline. Need a surfboard, paddle a little balance. Over the last couple of years, "SUPování" has absolutely trendy sport. Area Aussee was one of the first regions that recognize this trend in time. SUP trains not only muscles and tension in your body, but is also the perfect complement to the country's water sports, Styria, because SUP can be both: a meditative and aggressive at the same time.

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