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Volant Car 9x dirtier than public toilets

Cars are part of our everyday lives, we drive them to work, for shopping and for family outings. Every third Čech own car and in many families there are more cars than just one. One of the basic symbols car's steering wheel. It is simply a matter of course for drivers, as well as, for example, a hairdresser scissors.

But now scientists have come to shocking research in which the main role is played by the steering wheel, or its impact on our health. It was found that the steering wheel is just one of the riskiest places in the car, holding him in bacteria, germs and other harmful microorganisms.
Research scientists are clear: the steering wheel is dirtier than a toilet seat 9x public toilets!

When leaving the toilet, carefully wash our hands and the public are often afraid to land on a cutting board. It does basic hygiene! So, when you say public restroom, produces in us this phrase a negative feeling and impression of sleaze and possible infection.

This wheel of a car is doing quite differently. We take it for granted and deeper over it intend. Behind the wheel of a car often have breakfast or svačíme and not be bothered us that the same hands touching food and the steering wheel. And yet, who among us would eat after leaving the public toilets?

Unexplained due to illness

And then comes the disease, from the common cold, flu up even after jaundice. We think about where we could just catch the disease, we underestimated and that we are wrong somewhere wash their hands or reached for something for a sick man. And yet the explanation may be so close! Our car is able to act as a perfect hotbed of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.

Most dangerous is mainly wheel. On it is easy to adhere to the impurities in the bowels easily penetrate bacteria and fungi. Variations in temperature, sweating hands, impurities in the air and heat are the perfect breeding ground. Dirt, bacteria and microbes become part of our steering wheels. Besides, who of us when washing or vacuuming the inside of a car can think of at least clean the surface and the wheel?

To verify at least the surface contamination of your steering wheel, try a simple test. Take a white glove and slide it over the steering wheel. She still white or somehow changed color? Now imagine how much time you spend in your car really is and how long you touch the steering wheel.

Air Conditioning and suitcase in tow

To auto unpleasant chronic carrier actually happened, it is necessary to monitor other internal parts, which are directly touching. Noteworthy is definitely worth air conditioning. Have you ever thought that you were driving in a car with someone who was sick in the past and suddenly you during the trip could not get rid of cough and irritation? The cause was probably in the air conditioning. Now conditioning is one of the major risks of the disease. Should you have a car sick, they face such as cough, fever or other bacterial diseases, it is logical that the so-called bacteria are released to the air car. A very unpleasant air conditioner has the ability to hold them together. It would have been so bad if it failed to survive.

Every time you turn on your air conditioner, again wander into the air. The disease we can not go back, but hit our passenger. Summer colds and tonsillitis so not only because of the large difference between the outdoor temperature to klimatizovanému car, but also precisely because of the spread of bacteria from the bowels of air conditioning.

We must not forget the trunk. Do you feel that this does not concern you, it only serves to transport things in it and you do reside anywhere? Unfortunately, even the trunk we can cause a variety of health problems. For the 10 cm2 It may be up to 1000 different species of bacteria. The reason is again similar, heat and dirt, for example, from transport our pets.

How to survive the trip by car in Health

In order for us car does not cause unexplained health problems and was safe example for our children is of course necessary appropriate hygiene. We can help you in the first phase alone, for example, shaking dirty rugs, remove any debris or vyluxováním interior.

For a truly thorough hygiene and security to remove all dirt bacteria and other microbes is no longer necessary to entrust the car into the hands of professionals. Although we will try no matter how deep-seated dirt or bacteria in the steering wheel and air conditioning actually destroy. Ideal solution for this situation is steam cleaning car interior, which is really suitable for every car. In particular, we should regularly indulge him, unless with us in the car traveling young children are more susceptible to disease.

The steam operates at a high temperature at which bacteria and other harmful substances capable perish, but certainly do not have to worry about damage to the interior of the car. "Steam cleaning technology is currently one of the most effective methods of cleaning. The steam has both high efficiency and sterilization capabilities and safely destroys allergens, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and mold in the interior of your car, "explains Luke Svěcený of MAXdrive.

Taking a risk is not worth it

Just as we strive to perfect cleanliness of the home, you need to put on clean cars. Moreover, the bacteria which occur in the home are mostly harmless health, while in the car, it is just the opposite. Skin problems, nausea, infection, vomiting and flu and angina, all of which can cause clogged the interior of the car. So why interfere with 9x dirtier object when public toilets štítíme and why endanger their own health when steam all the dirt and germs completely destroyed?

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Author: Lenka Netušilová

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