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Steven Seagal is heading to Rock for People

Steven Seagal is heading to Rock for People Icon 90s action movies, director, screenwriter and producer, the star of your own reality show, martial arts, winner of the 7th dan in aikido and perhaps future governor of Arizona - Steven Seagal iconic person in our country knows almost everyone and does not need to hold pose. In July in Hradec Festivalpark this star in the big screen presents a completely different role ..

As an exclusive guest will be Steven Seagal, together with his blues band at the festival Rock for People and their fans this time instead of lessons martial arts serve a nutritious cocktail blues, world music, rock and pop!

Who does not know the action gems as merciless justice, Siege or Alaska in flames. However, Steven Seagal had a guitar in hand much sooner than because of their hobby - the Japanese martial art of aikido - ever got to the film. His later run efficiently actor zvládajícího punches and kicks rather suppressed the fact that in addition to martial arts since childhood accompanied him i love the blues.

Love, which has a very specific and deep roots. Steven Seagal is a very good guitarist and vocalist who honors the tradition of the great masters. His authentic blues speech summers matured thanks to the joint jamming with legends such as have been the Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker or BB King. His music guru was Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Louisiana and Texas bluesman, who died at 81 after a complicated evacuation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Steven Seagal

He was born in Lansing, Michigan. Mother Patricia had given it Irish roots and his father, a teacher of mathematics, Stephan Russian. Perhaps a combination of these genes is worth its openness and interest in other cultures. Martial arts for the first time introduced as a young boy. When he was with his father at a football game, there was a break appearances martial arts master who struggled against multiple numerical superiority. Performance of the old masters, who counseled slightly outnumbered, Steven utterly captivated.

In six years, along with his family moved to California, where he enrolled in the karate school. A few years later he began attending a school of aikido. In the seventeen years he decided to go directly to Japan and continue to study this martial art, which gradually reached 7th dan. As the first foreigner he opened a school of aikido in Japan. After 15 years, she returned to the U.S. and founded a school that has quickly gained a great reputation. One of his pupils was alongside many stars of heaven also influential actor Michael Ovitz, co-founder of Hollywood's key agency Creative Artist Agency. That it in the second half of the 80s brings to the film.

After a successful debut, Nico, you yourself pointed out Steven Seagal, followed by movies hard to kill or Man with a mark of death, which are gaining a loyal film fans. Dozens of other action movies then leave yourself a long wait.

In the hectic life of a movie star Steven Seagal remains next to the philosophy of aikido have one fixed point to which he returns to the roots leaned on the culture from which he grew up and which he charges the energy. And that is the blues. It is not only the owner of one of the most complete collections of historic blues guitars in the world, but especially a mature performer who also carries the baton of American blues from one stage to another across the world. His second album Mojo Priest in 2007 was identified as one of the best achievements. And this year, fans (whether music or film) can check on their ears and eyes that BB King was not lying when he says: "Steve is on the guitar really good ..."

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