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Prague is heading the stars of world urbanism and economy

Prague is heading the stars of world urbanism and economy How to prevent depopulation of the countryside while making town centers more attractive, asks festival reSITE ..

Where does these people?, Asks many mayor or a sociologist. Countryside is depopulated and residents, shops and services are also gradually disappearing from the city centers. People are leaving for work, or for discounted prices shopping centers in the suburbs? What effect does the city expansion peripherals retail parks, warehouses and satellite buildings? And how to solve this pressing problem in other cities around the world?

A place to share experiences and positive examples for the third time becomes reSITE festival organized in cooperation with the Institute of Planning and City Development. Prague.
June 19 to 20, 2014
in New Prague Karlin Hall Forum about his knowledge and wealth of experience to share four dozen world-renowned architects and urban planners, representatives of the most successful urban administrations and governments, innovatively minded developers, economists and representatives of civil society. Not only listen but also engage in discussion, the other five hundred participants, which is entirely mediated by direct contact with protruding.

Among the guest speakers and debaters are such stars as professor of economics at Harvard University and a specialist in urban economics Edward Glaeser, exclusive critic of The New York Times for architecture, with an emphasis on housing, public space, infrastructure, community development and social responsibility Michael Michael Kimmelman or Desvigne - currently the most important landscape architect, working with architects and studios such as Herzog and de Meuron, Foster + Partners, Rem Koolhaas, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers.

One of the main themes of the architecture and urbanism of cities and municipalities to support development of the (local) economy. It turns out that cities with a variety of educational, cultural, civic activities and sports in the eyes of investors have a great advantage. And investment in these areas will multiply from the private sector, which has a positive impact on employment, services, infrastructure ... "There is no doubt that cities and towns are the bearers of new, autonomous economies. Their success and prosperity and activity, hence the satisfaction of citizens there is a clear correlation. And here we try to experts from New York, London or Paris or Rotterdam name, "says Barry Martin, founder and director of reSITE that this year's prestigious festival, adds a number of workshops and informal discussions, informative and usable also for representatives of local towns and villages .

In view of the considerable interest in the festival organizers are recommended to delay the purchase of tickets.

Current information about the festival is available on .

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