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They offer a false hope of debt relief

People in Need in the Region helps people who have problems with debt and trying to also draw attention to the activities of "fuckers, man," who decided to capitalize on someone else's misfortune and founded his "business" just the debt. Some of these organizations concentrated in its analysis of discharge companies in the Region.

Klatovský daily-use information analysis, and last week published an article in which its readers informed about activities JUDr. Jakubčíková and Mrs. Michel. 'Article included the responses of both dam, which contain false information. We see a need to continue to warn people of the region against harmful practices not only these businesswoman with false hope and point out the false claims made ​​in the article, "comments Alex Cavalier, director of the branch of the People in Need.

Debt Relief, insolvency, or whether personal bankruptcy is a process that allows disproportionately indebted people to get rid of debt. The process is governed by law, decided by the court and has clear rules. For over-indebted people is kind of the last hope. That is why it attaches some people and companies who like to borrowers with an application for debt relief "help".

Help? Only increases in debt and money lawyer

"The main problem lies in the fact that both ladies submit proposals for debt relief to persons who do not meet the conditions of the process. People such as false hope only issue extra money and their difficult financial situation does nothing, "says Aleš Cavalier. The condition successfully filed petition debt relief is the ability to repay within five years at least thirty percent of the amount due. If you submit draft someone who does not satisfy the condition, left the court before such a proposal is rejected. As a result of the rejection of the proposal is bankruptcy. Mrs. Jakubčíková i Michelová However, this "detail" too worried about a request for debt relief is administered by people who are unable to meet this condition. Why not? Like many other organizations charge money for processing the application, not for its successful execution.

In the case of Mrs. Jakubčíková costs are less than thirty thousand, Mrs. Michel about thirteen thousand. To this must be added the costs of the insolvency administrator. "In the case unnecessarily filed petition for debt relief, the client gets bankrupt and losing tens of thousands just for the fact that this pre futile process of applying for debt relief took place," says Aleš Cavalier.

Response to Dr. Jakubčíková Klatovský article contains false claims. What is striking is the claim of one hundred percent success rate in the administration of insolvency petitions. "When Mrs. Jakubčíková served with a client bankruptcy petition associated with proposals for debt relief, which is subsequently rejected for non-compliance, not after all such submissions in any way be interpreted as successful," suspended over allegations Advocate, whose falsity everyone can verify the insolvency register, Aleš Cavalier.

Mrs. Jakubčíková also provides an example of a person with a disability pension, which considers the tiny audition for the best solution that will allow that person to get rid of even more debt than if his proposal for debt relief is denied. The insolvency petition that his client wrote, but promises to repay the said thirty percent of the outstanding amount of deductions of income. "It therefore commitment, which knows in advance that it can not fulfill. It also claims Mrs Advocate getting rid of all debts after ten years as misplaced as harmful, "says Aleš Cavalier. The ten-year limitation period exists. "But once in that period, the creditor logs in, his claim is still valid and the debtor must pay for it and does not expire after ten years. Hypothetical possibility that after 10 years of client debts barred, can in no way be confused or in any way associate with the Institute of debt relief as such. Placing it as an automatic assumption may bring many people misled, "says Aleš Cavalier.

Analysis of selected providers of debt relief is published on the Web site . It appears in the total of 23 subjects. Most of them selected criteria of transparency and quality did not pass.

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