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Seller meat does not have bare hands!

When veterinary inspections, inspectors sometimes encountered, although not too often, most recently in Ricanech butcher, the fact that vendors do not comply with hygiene and touching with bare hands meat cuts and money. In addition, there i found imperfect informing customers about the sell beef. He was only given an indication of the expiry date, but they were not up for grabs further information about the country of origin, fattening, slaughter and animal number and identification number of the cutting plant. Result: a fine and train staff.

Over the last ten days of April, inspectors Regional Veterinary Officers met with a variety of misconduct. In two cases found unregistered establishment refrigerator distribution warehouse and a shop in Pilsen, Czech Budejovice in the business, which also has about 2,000 kilograms of expired frozen meat. In the first case, it meant a fine and required to be registered and have the regional health authority, the second also required to be registered, but has been suspended meat and discarded.

During the on municipalities approved markets and bazaars are surveyed still the same transgressions in the Pardubice region in Chrudim were offered for sale in packaged dairy products (cheese, žinčica), which were equipped with Czech label, and vacuum-packed meat products (Slovak bacon, Orava bacon) , which lacked placing composition. All products missed delivery note of origin. At the farmers market in Letohrad (Pardubice region) were missing in the product labels of game, not listed expiration date and the recommended storage temperature products. In this case, it was ordered to end the sale of a penalty, fine. At the farmers market in Pilsen seller incorrectly treated fish, immediately after stunning is gutted without vykrvil, and had protective clothing. The market in Prerov (Olomouc) offered the seller unpackaged meat products in bulk and unprotected from possible contamination. Again, the sale was completed and fined. In the Central Region, in Benes, unregistered dealer offering a wide range of heat-treated meat products (various sausages) so that they also were not protected from contamination and were not properly labeled. Also, in addition to the registration requirement was fined.

In five cases, inspectors found during inspections products with expired use by date. So it was ordered to dispose of 8 kg of turkey meat in Ústí nad Orlicí, 1.8 kg and 1.6 kg of cheese meat products in Holice, 2.4 kg of salami in Pardubice (Pardubice region). A Silesian Region in Havirov, was ordered to dispose of (disposed of) pounds of ground beef with deer meat and turkey hearts kilo expired. Again, it was initiated administrative proceedings to impose a fine.

From the above it is clear that health surveillance is working as it should, but said the findings so be it i warning you about what to give customers beware when shopping. Follow hygiene, and even the origin of the goods or consumption data durability.

Source: tz
Author: Josef Duben, printing. spokesman SVS

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