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Castles CZ Festival will offer more areas and new artists

Castles CZ Festival will offer more areas and new artists Music festival Castles CZ celebrates its tenth birthday and organizers in the jubilee year prepared for visitors to festival sites such as larger and more comfortable camping, brand new resort will be on our Bezdězí.

To the Castle for the first time will Žbirka Miro, Olympic or Wanastowi Vjecy, then "castle" audience favorite artists, such as Tomáš Klus and Mandrage band, Chinaski, No Name, Bill Savage, Monkey Business, or Horkýže slime. The largest summer festival bands domestic Castles CZ kicks off 11th year Tocník of July in Central Bohemia and closes the program last holiday Saturday, August 30 Bouzov in Olomouc.

Younger audiences are intended concerts rising star Adam Mišíka or singer Ben Cristovao. Furthermore, it features the Sto animals rhythm padlock, Michal Horror, Xindl X, Abraxas, Portless, Vypsaná Fixa or UDG. For the festival on Czech and Moravian castles is for ten years, according to organizers characterized by its friendly family atmosphere compounded by the proximity of the various mystical castles. This is confirmed by artists who have played at the festival. "Castles are a great summer gig in an exclusive setting. Fest Ideal for families with children. Such an atmosphere can not resist, there'll always love to play, "says Michal Malátný of Chinaski. And the members of the punk band Padlock agree: "Playing in the vicinity of the castles festive touch, we try to adapt our performances."

History Festival Castles CZ dates back to 2005, when concerts were held in five Czech castles, in 2010, the festival expanded to Moravia. During the ten-year existence of the festival musicians played on the Czech and Moravian castles more than 800 concerts. Festivals castles gained popularity thanks to Friday's carnivals in masks. While Friday's program is more intimate and grounds are open at 18 pm, Saturday bands play on two festival stages and visitors can come to the festival already at 10.30 hours. This year's castle "newcomers" to the Olympic summer playing in castles pleased: "Castles breathe romance and knightly tournament - in such an environment, we often play does not happen. To our rugged rock music, castles are a great counterpoint, "says frontman Petr Janda.

In addition to the extended festival sites come under the jubilee organizers recently with the support of other sites. Festival Castles CZ becomes a partner project of the National Heritage Institute titled Undiscovered sights. It is a collection of more than thirty monuments in the Czech Republic, which hitherto unrecognized public offering beauty and attractions. Each stop music festival Castles CZ has so in 2014 his "partner undiscovered memorial" within the festival stops in the regions visible. The partner monuments (Hořovice, Horšovský Tyn, Slatiňany, New Castle, Kunstat, Raduň, purchase and Rájec) on Sunday after the festival take place in castles special program focusing on individual monuments, organized by the National Heritage Institute. On the one can be obtained upon submission of festival tickets is always a second ticket free. Action 1 +1 is valid upon presentation of festival tickets for regular sightseeing tours to all of the partner premises at any time during the period from 12 June to 30 September this year. Organizers of the festival at the castle would gradually like to make available to the public all the objects included in the project Undiscovered sights.

Castles CZ Festival 2014

Tomáš Klus, Mandrage, Wanastowi Vjecy, No Name, Chinaski, Bill Savage, Horkýže Slíže, Monkey Business, Olympic, Sto animals rhythm padlock, Michal Horror, Xindl X, Abraxas, Portless, Vypsaná FIXa Adam Mišík, UDG, Miro Žbirka, Ben Cristovao, Rybyčky 48, Dilated

Dates and locations:
11 to 12 seventh Tocnik
18 to 19 seventh Švihov
25 to 26 seventh Kuneticka Mountain
1 to 2 nad Vltavou 8th Rosenberg
8 to 9 8th Veveří
15 to 16 eighth Hradec nad Moravicí
22 to 23 eighth Bezděz
29 to 30 eighth Bouzov

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