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Jakub fireman, Petr Vancura is flipping through space in La Fabrice

Jakub fireman, Petr Vancura is flipping through space in La Fabrice Premiere of the musical-theater cabaret show immense subtitled Le Cabaret de l'univers prepares for May 24 in the area of ​​Prague La Fabrika directorial duo scooters. The main and the only parts will Jakub Prachar and Petr Vancura, music composed Petr Kaláb.

"With this production loosely based on the cult show, in which we ourselves began to name the form of a musical cabaret, where it is not about politics or social criticism, but rather a childlike playfulness and imagination that we all miss so much today," say the authors, both home .

"What would you have thought if someone told you that you come from outer space? You, and everyone else on this planet? Yes, maybe it sounds strange, but we are all aliens in their own way. Each molecule, all of what we have created is actually once came here from space, "explains
the principle underlying the cabaret makers.

Jakub Petr Vancura fireman, so the audience will relate to the earth, the beautiful planet on which to every place is life in the most amazing ways. "About a world in which people live, and the dangers that lurk on them just because they live in their Planet Earth. Proletíme with comets and asteroids that threaten all life on Earth. We will meet with invisible cosmic monsters - black holes. And we watch the disaster of apocalyptic proportions, which may mean the end of us all, "says creator.

Project immense show created under the auspices of an independent association of STK Theatre Concept, which combines just the artist performances, directorial duo Scooters - Martin Kukučka and Luke Trpišovský and other related artists. Currently includes staging the little death cult show, Joke Killers, Men and Women.

Tickets are available at the Box Office La Fabrika.

Scooter, Martin Kukučka and Luke Trpišovský are among the most watched and most respected directors of the young generation. After the residence at the Archa Theatre, the group gained independence creates a loose association of scooters. Since 2014, she decided to perform under the name STK Theatre Concept to prevent further confusion between directing tandem of scooters and ideological production platform Groups scooters. STK Theatre Concept and production associates mainly incurred under the heading scooter (the little death cult show, Joke Killers, Men, Women, The Tempest, The Immense show). In the future he wants to continue to produce projects that enhance the idea of ​​the current theater groups scooter. STK Theatre Concept is becoming an important representative of Czech theater culture of the young generation.

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