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dTest warns gift over the phone is not free

dTest warns gift over the phone is not free Another company based in Switzerland decided to reach customers Czech mail order sales. Shavers Good Shave has given out over the phone increasingly Czech consumers. One phone interview and everyone gets shaver as a gift. But it is not free. Donee must pay shipping and handling amounting to current prices of goods and shipment once it ends.

Westerfield International Company having its registered office in Switzerland Czech households are calling the pretext of inquiry investigating the use of razors. The reward patience to be donated to the called product. At other times the poll omitted, level offers a free welcome package. The cost of packaging and shipping, however, the consumer has to pay for it himself. In addition, the company seeks candidates to commit to regular consumption of products by subscription, which was surprised to hear the customer with the first shipment.

"A gift over the phone is definitely not free and consumers only přidělají worry about returning repeatedly sent unwanted products," warns Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest, adding: "If an entrepreneur does offer consumers over the phone, he is obliged by the law to convey basic information by themselves, that one is and where it is located. It must also be heard on the part of entrepreneurs further information imposed by law, in this case, for example, the fact that the two months will go one shipment per second for an unlimited period of time. "

Consumers have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days of receipt of the goods and get your money back. Terms and conditions published on the website of International Westerfield contain, among other provisions, forcing the consumer to send the withdrawal and any claim to Holland. "Such a requirement is only to discourage consumers from exercising their legal rights. If the business terms of the customer is not aware of during a call, does not require it. For the purpose of withdrawal can take advantage of Czech address shown on the document issue, "said Luke Green.

Where the company has acquired personal information of consumers, who with her ​​had never been anything in common? Store personal data for marketing purposes in the Czech Republic is booming. People often say your name, address and telephone number following exposure to various customer cards, personal information of clients and have operators and other service providers. Part consent to the processing of personal data is also consent to their surrender contractors businesses for the purpose of offering goods or services.

In the case of commercial offers from unknown businessman consumer has the right to the company name and contact details. It may obtain information about the data that it processes a company to withdraw consent to their use for commercial supply and demand the removal of data from the database. Disagreement must be in writing and be delivered to the other side. If you still offer made by the merchant cease, the consumer should contact the Office for Personal Data Protection Act violations that can affect.

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