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Higher compensation rises car online insurance

Higher compensation rises car online insurance The injured party is fairer, but will increase premiums for liability insurance. So commenting on a new methodology for insurance compensation injury claims, which last month released by the Supreme Court.

The cost of insurance in the new Civil Code will grow by about two billion. For insurance companies, this means roughly twenty percent increase in costs and therefore need to reflect it in the price of liability insurance.
Comments on news analyst financial advisory company DataLife Radomir Svoboda, who works in the insurance industry for over 20 years.

"The Supreme Court has developed a new methodology for compensation injury. To facilitate and harmonize the decisions of judges in determining the amount of damages for pain and shortness of social use. The court determines if permanent health damage in situations where someone else causes an accident and the consequences of a lifetime. The methodology developed judges, lawyers and doctors primarily in response to the new Civil Code, which from January 2014 provides for compensation only in general, called the principles of decency. Thanks methodology can now judges across the country similar cases indemnify comparable. The methodology, however, is not binding, is only recommendatory in nature and can always take account of the particular circumstances of the case.

The basic amount for compensation in case of total loss of human health and the ability to establish a methodology to 10,051,200 crowns. It is čtyřsetnásobek average gross monthly wage for the so-called average person, the average age and average activity. This amount may be increased to 20 million. For example, for young people, which damage disrupts other life, or for athletes in training whose family put great resources. In the case of pain increases the point value from 120 to 251.28 crowns.

A completely new approach, the new rules apply to payments of social position. This will be assessed according to how it manifests itself in the ability of man, therefore, no longer as before by the points assigned to each body part. Damage is expressed as a percentage to the percentage varies according to age, intensity of involvement in life, take into account some exceptional circumstances. Also new is the fact that the right to compensation for non-material damage is not extinguished by death as yet. If you have already decided on the court, the amount awarded part of the legacy.

With the increased limit of compensation of non-property detriment becoming increasingly important public liability insurance for damage caused in everyday life. Specifically, for bodily injury caused by unintentional third party, including coverage of treatment costs. Clients would highly recommend this insurance. "

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