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Pavel Steidl, Republic of Two and Voila in the Bethlehem chapel for Sun Surya School

Pavel Steidl, Republic of Two and Voila in the Bethlehem chapel for Sun Surya School Presentation by guitar virtuoso Pavel Steidl, Republic of the band Two and Voila, moderator Jaroslav Dusek, auction photos and especially good feeling of supporting meaningful project - all this awaits visitors benefit concert for the school Surya Sun May 22, that today, in Prague's Bethlehem Chapel.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the operation of solar heating energy independent school that provides year-round education to children in Kargyak isolated areas in the Indian Himalayas.

"This year is already the fifth edition of the event, allowing us to provide maintenance of schools, teachers' salaries, school uniforms and necessary equipment," says project author and chairman of the organizing civic associations Surya Jan Tilinger.

Benefit evening under the auspices of the Rector of the Czech Technical University Petra Lilies of the valley begins at 19:30.

Kargyak a secluded village in the Indian Himalayas at an altitude of 4200 m above sea level, one of the last places where surviving original Tibetan culture. The village recently had a school and the children had to go to distant boarding schools and never learned to read and write. Construction of the Sun School in Kargyak took place in the years 2006 - 2008.

Since the beginning of cooperation with local residents associations Surya provides regular schooling, which first took place in temporary premises in September 2008 and was transferred to the newly completed school building. After more than five years of regular teaching in this building is "Surya Sun School in Kargyak" concept in the region. "It is the only school that because of the unique design allows teaching and the extremely harsh winter months. In addition to the education of children and adults bring in even basic knowledge of hygiene, restores forgotten crafts, soot trees and greenhouses extend thanks to the possibility of growing vegetables even in the winter months, "says Jan Tilinger.

To date, the teaching in this building was replaced over thirty volunteer teachers, each for a period of around five months. In addition to the Czech teachers cared about the quality of teaching and the team of Indian and Tibetan teachers. In the autumn of last year, the management of schools partially passed a number of parents and village council, which will organize the teaching aa oversee its quality. Surya Civic Association continues to provide funds for salaries of teachers, voluntary teachers of English in the summer, school uniforms and some equipment. The aim is to keep the project in the future entirely independently of the foreign aid.

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