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5 Myths about men on parental

5 Myths about men on parental If you have small children or you addition to the family is just waiting for? And have you considered that part of the parental leave was spent with the child at home dad? Caring father of the child to parental leave is currently still appreciating trend, according to a survey by the League of open Mediaresearch for men (LOM) of this universally beneficial variant is considering up to 90% of Czech men.

"All we can recommend to open at home and discuss this topic in the family and the employer real possibility. Anyway, it's a great chance for the whole family, "says Luke Talpa, project manager full time Dad of the League of open men. Men care about children, but is also accompanied by a number of myths:

Man on parenting is weird

Do you think that "being a guy on parental leave (RD) is just not normal?" So know that you hold now a minority view. Despite the fact that men are still not common to be RD, there are around 5,000. Mediaresearch Agency for Research LOM showed that 66% of respondents have a man in the house for normal thing, and another 28% is considered to be athletes and "dudes". Only 4% are of the opinion that such men are exoti, neschopové and chudinkové. The other part of the survey showed that 31% of men would probably be the RD for a while and it was 12% believe that the RD board. Man on parenting is therefore no longer considered normal, although still not common to the parent was. But even this will change.

Maternity and parental leave in one bag

The parent is the parent. These terms are often used interchangeably. Although men have in exceptional cases, be able to go on maternity leave, so in their case, we're talking mainly about parental leave.
Maternity leave is a period of 6 months (usually one month before and 5 months after birth), when you paid 70% of salary.
The parent can make their own at any time after the end of maternity leave and it may be only for a moment. Psychologists at the League of Open Men recommend that first year was with children (not only) because of the breastfeeding mother more. From the age of the child and the whole family benefits to at least a few months he was home with the child's father.

A man comes to parental poverty

"As the breadwinner can not go to the parent, because it was great for a family financial loss and misery waiting for us. My wife could not support us. "
The truth is that in our society it is often still the main breadwinner of the family man - father. According to research is the difference between male and female wages of about 6.000, - CZK. I are men in this survey Mediaresearch mentioned as the main reason why not to go to the RD. HR professionals also mentioned in surveys that they want to promote active fatherhood and thus the involvement of fathers in childcare at an early age, namely the RD. LOM recommended fathers to the RD should be tried on two or three months, when the financial loss was not such a benefit for the family and for her relationship with the child is able to balance.

At home they are just partners dominant women

That parental leave they only submissive men unable to feed their families, is also one of the stereotypes of the lay thinking about this ever expanding phenomenon. Experience the quarry is that the RD walks and managers, doctors and IT experts. Among men with experience of parental leave are also celebrities, actors or singers. For all we can mention, for example, Philip Hruby, Director of Corporate Communications at Vodafone Czech economist Tomas Sedlacek, actor Jan Michael Dolanský or MAREDA, singer of the band Vypsaná fixation.

Men can not take care of children (as well as women)

"At RD as a guy I can not go because small children can take care of the mother only."
Research has shown that 10% of men believe that a small child could not take care of, and the same holds nearly every fifth mother. However, this may be just an excuse used by both men and women, paradoxically. Men with the shedding of responsibility for the care of children and women by the number of times defending their home territory. Routine care of children is largely an acquired skill. Mothers because I have to learn how to care for the child. Practice shows that fathers who stay with their children at home, and it should be right from the birth of children are able to care for the child as well as the mother. Except of course breastfeeding.

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