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Hundreds of pups in the Prague zoo

In the Prague Zoo since the beginning of the year, over 300 pups born in more than 70 kinds! Nearly a hundred of them are mammals, reptiles and over 160 birds in addition odchovavaji adopted chicks from other zoos, enrich their series of 85 chicks.

Birthing Pavilion in booth felines just starting to leave and half month old kitten Karakala and together with his mother Riding Hood is seen in an outdoor enclosure. The best chance to see this pair have visitors early in the morning or at the end of the opening period, when karakalové active.

Juveniles are currently well in runs takins India, banded peccary or European elk, or in areas of solid rock, which inhabit the Caucasian ibex or Barbary sheep.

Dozens of pairs of birds disturbed by this naturally their young. Among the important litters this year include the critically endangered lori bali, at which it was the first breeding in the zoo in Europe! Other achievements include birds Ural bespectacled, wading Australian, kystráčků modrolících or eagles Kamchatka.

Pražští birds has proved to be as adoptive parents, young people from other zoo - is a double major breeding African marabou stork.

Among the reptiles are undoubtedly the most important additions to the young turtles Texas. This delicate species multiplied Prague zoo in 2010 as the first in Europe. This year has already hatched two chicks and more eggs in hatchery just before hatching.

The nearest week expected to Prague zoo birth other foals of Przewalski horses.

Source: tz
Tz Author: Jana Jirátová
Photo: Tomáš Adamec and Petr Hamernik, Zoo Praha

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